Are you bored of regular guns that shoot regular bullets? Well, take a look at these gaming guns that work a little differently, and are way more fun as a result.

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  1. Regular guns?! PAH, we say. Here are seven guns that are different from your bog-standard firearms, and way cooler as a result. Enjoy!

  2. The gravity gun looks a lot like the portal gun, structurally. This makes a lot of sense considering the circumstances. Only some people will understand what I mean by this.

  3. It’s slightly annoying me but

    In slime rancher the plorts aren’t an excrement it’s more like mitosis in which eating makes their cells grow quicker and they have to shed off those extra cells in the form of plorts

  4. The Suck Cannon from the Ratchet and Clank series. Rather than firing bullets, it sucks up small enemies and crates and fires those instead.

  5. girl- its kinda like how some of our music-
    me- noooo its like how pyro from tf2 the SUPERIOR GAME TO OVERWATCH HAS THE AIRBLAST!!!!!

  6. Idk about non-gun guns but i know a funny gun. There is one gun in borderlands 2 that has a midget psycho doing funny noises when you fire, telling you when you're reloading and when you're "SWAPPING WEAPONS!"