Official video for «Guns Are Loaded» off Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway’s latest album, Dictator.

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Directors – Greg Watermann & Daron Malakian
Editor – Charles Bay

Production Coordinator – Tristan Fraser
AD – Brandon Rodriguez
Gaffer – Marvin Dwayne Arthur
Grip – Angel Plasencia
Grip – Paul Kartara
Electric – Anthony Jackson
Production Art Design – Levon Hovhannisyan
Production Assistant – Cassey Torres
Production Assistant – Alfredo Valencia
Production Assistant – Emerson Suarez
Location – Barekamutiun International Dance Studio

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  1. I remember the time when his hair is short and he is very is skinny he looks like a zombie he looks like a damn I guess it is the System of the damned it Rocks. If Serj is the vampire he is the zombie.

  2. Заходит мужик в рекомендации ютуба, ищет метал 2000х, а там армяне альтернативу играют

  3. It's a strange feeling when you see Daron in Scars on Broadway with a shadow of SOAD, I like these and make me live another day

  4. Какой все же крутой клип и крутая песня в целом. Думал ранее сделать тату с нотами и словами песни Psycho SOAD, но теперь вы понимаете, что я набью 😉
    И да, радует, что много русских и других товарищей из СНГ слушают Дарона и SOB <3

  5. I feel so ashamed on finding about this band and his music after all this time. Always loved his voice. This feeds my SoaD itch but it's new and refreshing to me. Definitely will blasting this for a long time

  6. Daron, stop being so narcissistic. Keep it scars on Broadway. We all know it’s your band man. Don’t let the Hellywood satanic cults get to your head man. We all love ya, don’t fall off and get nuts

  7. I remember watching a live video of this song like 5 years ago. I liked it so much I watched how Daron was playing the song and I learned a good portion of it that way on my guitar. I still like playing that riff man