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Jason called Brian a «nerf herder,» but Brian heard «nerf hoarder.» After so long he just got tired of being debased as a nerf hoarder and thought that if he’s going to be accused of it, he might as well enjoy the perks of hoarding nerf products.
Look into your local and state laws, don’t do anything stupid or illegal. At the end of the day, if somebody sees you wielding what looks to be a gun, they will treat you as though you are wielding a gun. Be smart and stay safe!
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Lord Drac’s original video

The District 9 rifle build on Tested

Brian’s Mass Effect gun

Bill is the best and you should check out all of the unreal stuff he’s capable of:

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«Melanin» by Mt.Fujitive & ntourage

«Ups n Downs» by baaskaT

«Estate» by DRWN.

«Craft Draft Brewski Bois» by Ian Ewing

«Kakuna» by Glue70

«Me 2 You» by QSTN

«In Bloom» by Mo Anando

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  1. Without the mods you can dodge a dart. With the mods it’s pretty rare depending on how moded it is!

    Also I have a bunch of nerf guns I need to mod now…

  2. When I was a kid, I would look up online the strongest need gun which was one of the mega guns. I would then sneak into my dad's tool shelves and steal exacto knife tips and then stick them onto the knife. I would then take it outside and just shoot small watermelons and oranges and stuff. I never realized how dangerous it ever was

  3. Brian: "Why don’t you show your appreciation for our Armsmaster?"
    Armsmaster: "This is how it ends . . ."
    Jason: "Make peace with your gods, little man."


  4. Another way to make a nerf gun more lethal is simply just remove the rubber tip of the bullet or put a thumb tack in the back hole of the bullet

  5. A truck I earned is the faster you cock it back the harder it shoots. It triggers people that my gun is better and I switch and do that and it hits harder than theirs

  6. i put a thumbtack on the tip of a nerf bullet the electric nerf gun wasn’t shooting and it was jaming, i shot it 40 times and it still jammed, i thought if i put my index finger over the gun and shot nothing would happen… oh how i was wrong the thumbtack went straight threw my finger i yelped with pain and went to the washroom, keep inmind its still in my finger and the thing is a quarter of an inch long and its in my finger. I got a towel and turned on the burning hot water and yanked the bullet out and put it in the hot water, my finger was gushing blood. the bleeding stoped and the wound looked tiny on my skin but it was deep. So if you ever tamper with nerf bullets never point the thing towards anyone or yourself :3

  7. I remember taking out the air restrictors of some nerf guns with my cousin Caleb. We had so much fun seeing how far we could make the darts fly. I nearly managed to get one stuck in a tree, but thankfully it was windy that day and the dart went fluttering back to us.