Michael Kosta heads to Switzerland to find out how the country can have so many guns without having a mass shooting crisis like the United States.

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  1. They raise their kids properly! Is it that hard to understand why they don’t kill each other? We also have background checks selling a rifle to a 13 year old at a gun show is a crime (if that actually even occurred).

  2. Switzerland is 90% white and they don't allow people to come into the their country and just take over.  The men go to the military and learn how to be men.  USA is a multicultural nightmare that does not have any control over our borders let anyone in and when they get here let them do what they want.

  3. Swiss are somewhat satisified with their lives, I mean I bet living there you are rich or super rich. Money does give you a lot of distraction. and very less likely to lash out to the world.

  4. The issue is simple. It has nothing to do with the guns. America's number one export to the world is entertainment. Since medieval times, cultural popularity dictated what was "fashionable". Growing up with anti-hero gun totting idols, it becomes an issue. The gun users from westerns to police in early entertainment from the 40s were righteous and on the side of good. Now, we have Deadpool. Btw, the US mass shooting statistics in this video are based on more that 2 individuals being involved.

  5. 1:56 gotta stop you right there, bud. They do background checks, paperwork and all that bullshit. I hate it when people say shit like this, it's not THAT easy.
    I know this is comedy central but still.

  6. In Mexico you can barely get a gun legally and there is way more crime than in the u.s, same with other central American countries. Heck even Chicago has the strictest gun laws yet they have terrible gun crime. Infact most of the gun crime happens in Democrat states or cities. If guns were the problem then Australia's crime rate wouldn't be growing at a steady rate even though guns were banned. If people want to kill then they'll find a way to kill

  7. Everyone forgets that in these other countries, guns are a privilege. like driving… here its an uninfringeable right. That's the difference. If gun rights were like driving then it wouldn't be called a gun RIGHT. lol

  8. Ahhhh the four rules. A written test every Friday in the Army where you had to write them down by the letter and if you failed no back home for you 😅
    How could i forget??

  9. USA do you ever wonder why you are fucked up and always looking up to europe with the exception of UK, and admiring them? You remember what it is inscribed on statue of liberty 'Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!'. Congratulation because Europe listened and gave you their poor insane rejects and now you are the decendants of poor insane criminals while most of the Europe is the decendants of sane logical people left behind.

  10. the difference between Switzerland and the US is that the switz arnt trying to increase their political power through fear. basically what i am saying is 911 was an inside job meant to justify international big brother agents and the mass shootings are the domestic equivalent but it's not they arnt already doing it, google is recording everything i type, they just need a reason to legitimize the surveillance

  11. First of all those guns that are sold from person to person are called private sales which are legal. Now him saying he can go to Wal-Mart and just give them money and they just give him a gun is a lie. You fill out paper work and then Wal Mart calls the ATF and they run your background. It's the same thing at a gun show you fill out paperwork they run you and if you are clean you take the gun home.

  12. You just can't fix stupidity Trevor. Asking the kids to pass high school with 1.0GPA is already too much for them, especially when their parents didnt do any better.

  13. There are definitely some regions of the United States that are better than others, it’s hard to lump all Americans into one category because most states are larger than countries in Europe. It would be silly to say that people that lived in Colorado their whole lives are similar to people born in Georgia or Missouri

  14. lets not forget the population and cultural differences 8 mil vs 300 mil primarily all the same culture vs the melting pot of the world.

  15. First off the reporter lied it took me 3 hours just to buy a brake action single shot shotgun in Kentucky, why is trevor Noah so dishonest.

  16. I used to be a Democrat but fuck the left is so stupid when it comes to guns it’s fucking crazy. They are soo dumb it makes trump supporters look smart!