The cast of American Idiot performed the Green Day song, «21 Guns,» on the Plaza.


  1. Why are people being so critical of this? It's a musical. Of course they aren't gonna make it sound exactly like the original. They had to change up the song to make it fit for Broadway. And I think it sounds fucking amazing. And ps, Billie Joe Armstrong worked quite a lot the production of American Idiot.

  2. This is the reason why Broadway and rock bands shouldn't collaborate together. Not because it sucks, this is fantastic. The song is great and the cast amazing. But becuase it brings the most annoying human being in the history of the world (Aka: "ThIs SuCks! GrEen DaayY dOes IT BeTTer!!1"

  3. that redhead in the ensemble was in the production of "American Idiot" i saw tonight…………..i loved her, i love redheads. :-p

  4. Seriously one of the best shows I've ever seen! (based on seeing 50+ different broadway/west-end shows)
    Go and see American Idiot if you have the chance!

  5. It's funny how Billie and Tre and Mike respect these people's talent enough to CHOOSE them to sing their songs in THEIR musical, but you can't see what an amazing cast that is. Also, how can you all mistake Billie Joe Armstrong for John Gallagher, Jr.? that's just weird.

    And Rebecca's eyes are beautiful, shut up.

  6. everyone hush. theres no controversy. green day turned american idiot and a few other songs into Broadway. get over it. dont like it? dont watch.

  7. @abannanna01 seriously? Why is this not as good as auto-tuned Justin Bieber? This is not as good as the album or on the broadway stage, but it sure is better than Justin Bieber and Katy Perry live.

  8. @TheGnomePoker.. YOU need to do your research. Green Day combined some of their songs from 21st Century Breakdown into the stage version of Amercian Idiot.

  9. That was soo cool!! The guy with the black hair in the front plays St. Jimmy right? He's really cute kinda how I imagined St. Jimmy.