250 Airsoft Guns Shooting Compilation


250 Airsoft Guns Shooting Compilation

I need to thank every field, every shop, every private collector, and to every friend of the USAirsoft channel who provided each airsoft replica for this year long project.
From every collection I sifted though, to the Museum of Temple Airsoft, all the way to California, Atlanta Georgia, every small town in Texas, Mission Airsoft where I began my search, and to Germany thanks to BB2K. This project took a lot to put together, a lot of sourcing, a lot of research, and a lot of patience.
My intention was to create a video to make nonairsofters ask, “they have one of those in airsoft?” and to make every causal airsofter aware of the opportunities we have in our beloved hobby.
There were many guns I could not acquire for this project and others I had to contact other enthusiasts to film for this 250 compilation.
Bruce of BB2K and Jeremy (Booligan) of Booligan Airsoft we’re quick to help me and I greatly appreciate their help as well as Real Fake Guns for the LCT RPD clip.
Some pieces were more default than they really should have been to discover in the wild like the VFC H&K 417 and even the KWA MP7. Replicas so prominent in the hobby that seemed to disappear from reality once I began the project.
I can only hope now that this compilation of 250 different Airsoft guns becomes the landmark in airsoft as I once hoped it would be. Hundreds of enthusiasts had a hand to piece my idea together and now the world can enjoy every second of it.
I challenge with great excitement for any enthusiasts to one day surpass this gathering of 250 airsoft replicas with a video project of their own.
As this project was inspired by Khanseb, I too hope to inspire someone.
There are many more airsoft replicas out there then just 250, 300, or even 1,000 and I hope to see them in the future as our hobby grows and encourages the youth to get out and enjoy their lives.

Thanks to

Video that inspired this venture

BB2K Airsoft

Real Fake Guns

Booligan Airsoft and Shooting Sports

Airsoft GI
GI Tactical Texas
Mission Airsoft
D14 Airsoft
878 Airsoft
Chad & Dan of 878 Airsoft
High Ground Airsoft
«Satellite-Man» of San Antonio (Private Collector)
Damian The Gun Smith
Temple Airsoft
Breach Point Productions
SS Airsoft
David Ly (AsianWithHat)
Bingo Airsoft
Octagon Airsoft
Gas Gun Central
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Classic Army
LCT Airsoft
ICS Airsoft
G&G Airsoft
Texas Paintball

And to every player of each field I traveled to.
I tried to make a list of your names but I lost my original list of guns and names. I should’ve had a backup huh?
If you comment about your gun in this video then I’ll be sure to thank you.

Guns I wish I could have found for this project
Tokyo Marui SPAS 12
Sheriff SPAS 12
Asahi WA2000
Tanaka PM-63
Tokyo Marui VZ.61
RWA Lee Enfield
King Arms Galil ARM
Any M2HB
Shoei MG42
Shoei MP44/STG44
WE Tech Thompson
Marushin Raging Bull
Maruzen Micro Uzi
S&T Type 64
RWA M1919

List of first 70 Airsoft guns as they appear

1.) WE Tech G26
2.) Cybergun Famas EVO F1
3.) KWA LM4
4.) WE Tech SCAR-H
5.) Elite Force Tavor CTAR
6.) Echo 1 SOF1
7.) KWA KM16
8.) KWA PTS Masada GBBR
9.) G&G F2000
10.) GHK AKM
11.) Elite Force Limited Edition MP5K
12.) VFC UMP.45 GBB
13.) KWA Kriss Vector GBB
14.) Cybergun P90
15.) KWC Mini Uzi
16.) ICS L86A2
17.) LCT RPD
18.) Echo 1 M240 Bravo
19.) Socom Gear Shell Ejecting M200 Cheytac Intervention
20.) Socom Gear M82 Barrett
21.) Ares WA2000
22.) WE Tech M14 EBR
23.) KWA H&K USP
24.) ASG 715
25.) WE Tech M9
26.) Tokyo Marui .50AE Desert Eagle
27.) WE Tech G18C
28.) Tokyo Marui G18C AEP
29.) KWA M93 Raffica
30.) KWA KMP9
31.) KWA KMP9R
32.) Tokyo Marui AA12
33.) KJW Sawed Off «Mad Max» Shotgun
34.) Marushin Model 1887
35.) King Arms M79
36.) WE Tech M16A1
37.) G&P M16
38.) JG M16A1
39.) G&G L85A1
40.) WE Tech L85A2
41.) WE Tech M14
42.) ICS Galil AR
43.) Classic Army AUG A1
44.) Ares L1A1 SLR
45.) E&L AK74 Gen 1
46.) G&P XM177E1
47.) Classic Army MP5K
48.) KWA VZ.61
49.) KWA Mac 11
50.) Tokyo Marui Uzi
51.) Echo 1 Spectre RDP
52.) LCT RPK (Protech Mk2.5 HPA)
53.) A&K M60VN
54.) A&K Mk43 Mod 0
55.) G&P Mk23 Stoner 63
56.) Classic Army M134 Minigun
57.) Echo 1 Red Star CSR
58.) WE Tech SVD
59.) AGM L96 AWP
60.) WELL L96
61.) Tokyo Marui PSG-1
62.) WE Tech M1911
63.) WE Tech Double Barrel Makarov
64.) Tanaka S&W M500
65.) KWA CZ75
66.) Goshfun Tactics M18A1 Claymore
67.) S&T Springfield M1903A3
68.) S&T Arisaka Type 38
69.) WinGun Mosin Nagant M44
70.) Tanaka Kar98k

Thank you all for watching and for your continued support to build this channel! : )

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    You need different airsoft guns to play different airsoft games. Here is a complete guide for beginners. The following airsoft rifles you need for playing games.


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