In today’s video, I interview CTRL Pew, who is closely involved in the 3D printing gun community.

Find out more about CTRL PEW by following him here:

Time Stamps:
Background on CTRL Pew — 1:50
Progress on 3D Guns — 5:55
What Materials are Used — 11:23
3D Printed Gun Failures — 14:29
Politics behind the Movement — 18:05
Legality 24:28
Final Thoughts: 31:04

Reason Interview with Cody Wilson:

Background Music by Joakim Karud

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  1. UK viewer here, it amazes me how much fear the label terrorist provokes in the USA. From what I understand you are 2/3 maybe 4x as likely to slip in the bathtub and die than from terrorists. Just saying ok guys! Medicare for all!

  2. Most people who are thinking about doing something nefarious with a firearm aren't gonna spend the green to buy a CNC machine and take the time to learn how to use it and print a firearm. Its a false narrative being pushed by the same communists that want to take everybody's firearm away.
    The person being interviewed actually gets it, ALL rights should be EQUALLY protected, if the other rights were attacked as often as the 2nd amendment everyone would be upset but it seems perfectly OK for the 2nd amendment to be attacked by those who despise firearms. As a boomer this interview gives me hope for future generations.
    The GG3 actually intrigues me and I'm seriously thinking about buying one, in recent news the Rhode Island legislature just sent a bill to the governor to sign which bans the printing of 3D guns and parts, the communists are scared of FREEDOM and losing control and power over the population

  3. It would have been interesting with a comparison between the difference in performance between a 3d printed gun with pla+ and its "real" counterpart.

  4. The premise at about 21 min in that if you ban guns it won't change the availability of guns to criminals is flawed. Many other countries prove this wrong, you just like to ignore that fact which is fine, but isn't not a valid argument for being able to own guns. Because they are fun is a valid argument. If you feel your enjoyment of guns is more important that the lives of toddlers in preschool then just be honest about it.

  5. Where can I buy large spools (like 200 meters / 10 kg) of plutonium-239 filament? I'd like to get into printing and polishing plutonium spheres, they are so pretty. But I think I'd need to upgrade my hot end first.

  6. Regarding the WW2 Liberator Pistol, the goal was to let civilians shoot a Nazi soldier so that they could steal a better gun from the dead soldier.

  7. It'll be interesting when our grandchildren learn about this group of American patriots, the teacher begins the discussion with "during the great pandemic of 2020, control pew was advocating…"

  8. The whole conceptual propose of a gun is force behind a projectile to make the projectile move. You don’t even need to make it a fire arm, an air tank, valve and a projectile in a tube hooked up can be a force multiplier.

  9. I hate it when people think lower caliber in exchange for higher mag capacity is a good tradeoff. Those 9mm and 17 hole punchers are for ppl too scared of the kick. Those rounds pass through the target to quickly and don't do enough damage. Go with a subsonic round like the 45. It will spread out more as it passes through causing far more damage upon exit, and before you say, "Well they'd be dead either way." Look up all the horror stories of ppl surviving being shot by 9mms and 17s and whatnot vs a 45, 44, 357, or 38. Especially the stories of criminals being shot with them and getting right back up only to kill the person that shot them. Then say something. They're called hole punchers as a joke because for any real gunsmith or professional shooter, that's exactly what they are. Apparently they were to the military as well because they switched back to the 45 from the 9mm for a reason.

  10. so many strawman arguments here, american is about the only 1st world country who has to deal with mass shootings on a regular bases, its also the country with the most guns, if guns are illegal everywhere else and "criminals don't care about the law" then why are there no mass shootings in other countries, why if guns are so easy to get on the "black market" and criminals are just gonna do it anyways does that legitimately not happen.

  11. Pretty much everyone in america can already get guns, if you can't then why do we need to make it easier for them to make guns. As he says its a will multiplier, if someone's will is to shoot a bunch of school kids then why make it easier for their will to be multiplied. More guns, especially untraceable, unregistered guns is definitely not the answer. The people who think that the government should be scared are the exact kind of people who shouldn't have guns and i say this as a gun owner.

  12. Im not interested in printing gun that can fire real ammunition. I am however, VERY interested in printing exact replicas as study/presentation pieces.

  13. As a kid I made a gun.. matches in a tube.. a grip and a "squib" attached to a button and a battery.. marble jammed in.. single shot but one nobody knows you have..

  14. You didnt think it was possible to print a Glock.. Tick tock plastic glock?
    The gun in/famous for having the least amount of metal of any gun of its time?
    You sir have no idea.. go back to printing useless nick-nacks.

  15. "This is about getting a gun that you didn't have to ask anybody for permission to get. Literally no one."
    Sorry — am I missing something? How is this okay? How is it morally okay to take a heavily regulated machine that's designed to kill people, and turn it into something anyone can buy? A criminal who can't buy a gun can just buy a 3D printer and some parts and go on a killing spree. The regulations exist to protect people from crazy people. I get it when some people say "guns don't kill people, people kill people" — like, fair enough, crazy people with guns are the problem, not responsible gun owners, but this whole project basically hands guns to people who aren't allowed to buy them.

  16. Ah yes, if we can't prevent criminals from having guns completely, we shouldn't even try. We'll just ignore the fact that countries with stricter gun laws have way less gun violence, because they still have gun violence. Let's give people in those countries easier access to illegal firearms so law abiding citizens are finally safe.