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  1. Glocks are banned in MA. And anything that looks like an "Assualt Rifle" like the AR looking one is also banned. So that sucks. But I can buy an MP-5. Weird. All because I should doesn't mean I can. But I refuse to leave because family first.

  2. Ive never owned a gun except a BB gun, lol. Does the Glock have a recoil? Im also interested in the sniper rifles that have outstanding accuracy. I would like to know how to take a scope for a rifle and have it sighted as accurate as possible, I like the mags offered for the Glock, pump shotgun and Bushmaster. What is the upper for the Bushmaster used for and what type of sites are the best. I like to know about the suppressors for the weapons available.

  3. everyone has the right to their opinion, but except for the Mossberg shotgun I wouldn't be interested in any of them. The Moisin isn't a bad rifle but I would rather have a Mauser, though I don't know the price on either of them now. For a 'combat rifle' I would take and AK or a Saiga, especially in 7.62 x 51, though for most purposes 7.62 x 39 is adequate. And I wouldn't carry any pistol other than 45 ACP. But those are just my opinions.

  4. R.I.P. Barry, I have watched his vids for years. I just recently returned to these videos just to recap some things and I just now find out he has passed. I learned a lot from this mans videos through the years, Its sad to see him go. He was kind of like Mr. Wizard to me. I read the posts and I don't know this mans history or personal life. What I do know is he educated me and countless others on a subject we all enjoyed and loved and that's how I'll always remember him. My sincerest condolence to all.

  5. My older brother owns a 12 guage (you know what I mean) pump action mossberg with pistol grips and a 22 mossberg rifle with an extended mag and red dot sight.