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  1. veilsidefun

    i don't live in california but if only barry was still around to see the modern stupid laws on the whole grandfather mags… it's so bad that they want you to turn them in when every single owner will stash them in their house.

  2. Daniel Edmondson

    I don't understand this logic. Why would you want to buy a gun that you know is about to get banned? Even if they have a grandfather clause, they're still going to make you register it and keep you from ever transferring it.

  3. Kenzie L

    if u ban guns, someone breaks in your house they know there's no gun and all they need is a gun…cause crimals follow laws…

  4. shadymcgee 101

    8:00 why duct tape exists


    I really enjoy your videos but just curious why you pronounce the Saiga Sega even though it's IPA is saɪɡə

  6. Mykal Fury

    .22 weapons are the most under-estimated
    in the gun world.
    Moreover, running tef tips or hollow points
    in a .22 lr or .22 wmr
    will simply end somebody with a quickness!
    3 shooters with .22 rifles down range of the
    enemy 100 yds or less will be plenty deadly!
    You don't ask what caliber is being hurled at you
    when you're in a gun fight.
    And a .22 hollow point will ruin your day if it
    makes contact.
    ~ peace


    Thank you 4 the video.
    Time to stock up I guess.
    Look forward to doing some business with you guys and show some support.

  8. Mike Spain

    The item people need to really worry about is ammunition and ammo reloaded and supplies. The muzzle sweeps on the guy in the green shirt was not good at all.

  9. Fizyx

    Seems to me that you guys should hope for bans. Then your investment pays off. Eventually, bans get lifted or laws change and we're back to loose restrictions and everyone can buy tanks and rocket launchers again. The cycle continues.
    But what I don't understand is how you can sell an item like a magazine after it's banned. Is that black market or is it the same as the supplement industry where bans only stop the production and retail not the private sale of surplus.

  10. Samuel Dane Alexander

    I live in Canada and recently those bx25's have been banned. There is no grandfathering unless they are pinned. According to the RCMP, possession of a prohibited magazine could mean jail time. They have remained relatively quiet as to these consequences because their goal was to prohibit the 25's for the Ruger pistol that accepts them. So, I guess my point is, owning magazines before a ban can potentially turn you into a criminal overnight. Hopefully this problem works itself out..

  11. Giray Kaya

    Why would anyone want to ban ruger 1022?

  12. Yeahmenoodle

    TRUMP 🙂

  13. gabe anderson

    You guys are silly,,,But i must admit that scaring folks that the gov is going after everything you have is a good sales pitch and great way to fill your wallets..I have been around over 60 years and govt has not took nothing from me.I bet you guys have bomb shelters for ww3 also…

  14. Craig S

    I just became a sub ? ?>>>pew pew

  15. Craig S

    just think of how many illegal drugs there are and people still get them all day everyday it will be the same with guns and Mags or I could be wrong great video guys

  16. Craig S

    a AR is a sexy bitch

  17. D Mcgill

    I believe we'll thankful that Trump got in 😉

  18. Fish games and more with me 1738

    their is this dude on youtube who says eric pulled down a statue that landed on a car and if u look it landed on the ground and i watched it more and it was not him the name is iraqvetran8888 exposed well at least everyone did not beleive him and called him names for that also sorry eric passed u guys are my fav youtubers and if i could get a gun it would be ruger 10/22 takedown and thanks for your service eric

  19. Jaime Olguin

    it pisses me off every time, when I read those words " banned our guns ". this government can't do NO such thing, the Constitution and our amendments were written to protect our rights!! if they try to banned our guns, then they are the Tyrants!!

  20. Herman Flores

    Database flour opportunity lpzeio finance stare possibly Roman.

  21. Erock Erock


  22. Charith Yashasvin

    He recommends every household to have a couple of glocks? Lol

  23. antonlipton124

    Thankfully Trump understands

  24. Janusha

    Potential ban… This was back in 2012. Its funny how the only people who ever actually talk of guns getting banned, are the motherfuckers who try to sell it to you by telling you they will be banned any minute now, so hurry before its too late. Hahaha these people…

  25. stuna101a

    Those lower receivers stripped are $40 on sale sometimes. A total steal. Once you have a lower receiver everything else can be bought and sent to your house without any checks.
    Keep in mind you have to pay for the transfer fee.

  26. etherd

    wow look at those views!

  27. Vojtěch Růžek

    I am glad Obama failed in his efforts to disarm Americans

  28. Justin Morrow


  29. Debra Hall

    Still ain't nobody taking your guns. Shit heads!

  30. CCZ

    i should have fucking listened! i should have seen this video before 2017. i should have been more into guns before now, Now i cant buy an ak 47 in commiefornia 🙁

  31. The Stern Dragoon

    Fucking LOL "the Clinton ban" Jesus Christ, people, grow fucking brains. "The Ban" is a mythical load of horseshit that the NRA and gun manufacturers have been parading about for DECADES. It's sole purpose is to get idiots to buy guns and increase their profit margins. The legislations you cite are known as "primary" bills, meaning they are written SUPER stringently so that less important values are lost when the House and Senate bureaucrats argue them down into their final states. NOTHING HAS BEEN OUTRIGHT BANNED IN OVER TWENTY FUCKING YEARS, and yet every time there's an election the guntards all scream that "The Ban" is coming again. It's pathetic and it's delusional. All we really want at this point is for gun owners to be SANE to have to KEEP their shit RESPONSIBLY and take courses designed for safety and safe storage. Many of you already do, but the fact that it's never been legislated that way leaves those MASSIVE gaps where, say, Bubba's 3 year old accidentally guns mommy and daddy down because they left a loaded semiautomatic lying around.

    STOP with this moronic fear mongering.

  32. Gear Track 45

    Guns don't kill, ignorance does

  33. buddybudmac

    The 7.62 is no longer cheap, but hopefully Trump will fix that.

  34. Orange Is The New Black

    WHats the oint of buying a gun because you think they will ban them, then you're stuck with a banned gun


    If the walking dead ever happens I want you guys on my team!

  36. Jay Money .Vision

    relax ppl we got the back market and technology that can replicate these mags

  37. Vince McKinley

    I like your videos but sometimes have a hard time finishing them or find myself fast forwarding cause you tend to go on tangents repeat yourselves a lot and honestly the term beating a dead horse comes to mind but like I said I am a fan and do enjoy your channel

  38. PrettyMuchLoki

    2012 are they banned yet

  39. Mark Schroter

    The erosion of your constitutional rights is reaching an unprecedented pace and brazen disdain for the people that government is sworn to serve (and protect). That is the core reason for having a federal government, to protect us from external threats. They have turned the might of the state inward and the time is getting closer that you are bound by the constitution to rise up and remove the tyranny for the good of all people, even those too stupid to realize that gun control is a bad thing.
    The fourth, the second, the first and then it is done, you have lost.

  40. will bongiorno

    I know people who knew nothing about guns that have identified an AK47

  41. El Lizardo

    Thank goodness Trump won

  42. villenbob

    not hi capacity, but standard capacity! as far as the AR & AK, the .22? thats negotiable?

  43. pagan poet prophet

    i recently bought my 10 year old grand son a ruger 10/22 innocent as i thought it was came with a 10 round mag now i guess i should invest in the bx=25 magazine we target shoot alot a high mag capacity would have been for us less loading more plinking for the federal government to make it evil is typical of over educated career lifelong crusty politicians; whom could improve safety by vetting or deporting the illegals flooding into my usa i will go today and explain to my family why we need to buy these bx-25 magazines good video thank you for making us aware

  44. Mondo Aguadam

    Oh man! CA is screwed. A few days left before the new law in 1/2017. I just barely had time to buy my first (and last) AR 15 in CA. Even so, the new law has so many restrictions. Well, at least the politicians are exempt from this new law that they put in. How freaking nice!

  45. Chase Conger

    Their not going to take them unless they can do it in the next month.

  46. Mac C

    Americans are retards. Obviously the folk selling guns are going to say a ban is coming so all you dumb fucks run out and stock up on them. What do you even need guns for? America is Europes retarded cousin.

  47. John556

    You predicted them not importing saigas anymore

  48. lieutenant delaage

    with its stupid there should be a comma not calling America stupid just to clear that up

  49. lieutenant delaage

    its stupid in America you should have any gun you please