There are a few weapons in PUBG and PUBG Mobile that are not considered the best in the game but rather have attributes that make them overpowered.


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  1. Pretty sure Grip still improves hipfire more than Laser Sight.
    But I agree that these guns are viable. I have always believed ALL guns are viable and good in their own rights.
    In fat, I continually go for high kill Chicken Dinners with the "trolliest" weapons I can find. UZI, Vector and VSS in particular are insanely good when used correctly. Would I ever really say it's better than AK or M4? Of course not, but they aren't far behind if played correctly. Even lategame.

  2. Dp is really good…I have been using it since many matches and its really overpowered but I dont understand the fact that why it is so underrated

  3. Thanks for bringing the dp 28 is most underratted gun in your vids… ?? I am a user of this gun at pubg mobile and my friend laughing at me for using this gun…. ??

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