A Guided Tour of the Big Guns at the Big Sandy Shoot


At the most recent Big Sandy Shoot, big gun expert Robert Bigando gave us a tour of the nearly two dozen big guns on display at the event.

The Big Sandy Shoot is a biannual event that takes place near Wikieup, Arizona, in April and October of each year. The event attracts hundreds of shooters, machine guns and large caliber guns. The most recent shoot was held from October 20 to 22, 2017. It saw the largest turn out of big guns in the event’s 30 year history. This included the largest civilian owned gun — the 152mm Russian D20 howitzer.

These guns are owned by big gun enthusiasts such as Bigando. He bought his first 20mm when he was only 20 years old. In fact, he had to wait until he was 21 to be able transfer it to himself. It didn’t take long for him to go from the 20mm, to a 25mm, to a 57mm, to a 90mm and so on. Bigando is now a sought after expert in the domain. He had three guns at Big Sandy, and worked on many of the others.

According to Bigando, owning a big gun is very similar to owning a machine gun in terms of both paperwork and cost. «A good Bofors gun can probably be picked up for $25,000.» he said. «So you got to ask yourself, what would you rather have? An M-16, or a 37mm Bofors?»

Which gun would you rather have?

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  1. Luke Scutchings

    2:42 poor kid got scared lol

  2. 2 demons attached

    If I won the lottery, I'd get the investor green card, move from the UK to the US, and hunt down buy and fire my very own German 88 flak/anti tank cannon. And maybe a katushi as well.

  3. Downforce 666

    2:41 that kid was like O SHIT lol

  4. ayf1983

    Please fire a Katyusha barrage one of these days guys. I'd like to see it impact the other side of that valley.

  5. Moskau Melols

    I’m a kid and 2019

    Plus I like machine guns

  6. james Steele


  7. Rand0m Randy

    You forgot something
    The soviet anthem when you fire the cannon

  8. Bobby Chudoba

    4 Words that you do not want you want to see on some guys T-shirt. Drunk, Artillery, Shooters, Club. Not a good mix.

  9. frick poo


  10. Brian J Glim

    Knob Creek

  11. DueyTait-Pastor

    5:42 "Right now, it's the largest firing gun in civilian hands."


  12. yankooh

    D20… The King…..

  13. the carnotaur of geckos

    one day im going to buy a tank 😀

  14. Hellgateisclosed dontgothere

    What state is this I want to go live there and own one for home defense..???

  15. Warrior

    and Dems are afraid of people having a AR

  16. Desmond Miller

    I like the German 88 añti tank gun

  17. Layne Frazier

    5:39 KV-2 gun lol

  18. George Rome

    Shoot get some mock up WW2 tanks to shoot at.

  19. Ian Ian

    A Bofors sir, yes sir

  20. Phoebe devries


  21. homertime93

    So… could i hunt deer with those ?

  22. Thurein Tun

    Can you own fucking artillery in America!!!!!????? Wtf

  23. Pipee Papofckgug

    So how much would one shot of the D-20 cost me? Just curious… 😀

  24. Michele Mariotti

    Is this fire range named after the Sandy Hook elementary school?

  25. Jake Hefferman

    To put the sheer power of the 152mm gun into perspective. It fires a 6 inch, 46-56kg high explosive projectile with or without a ballistic cap (anti-concrete rounds), with dedicated armour piercing and HEAT rounds being developed after WW2. The explosive blast yield alone was enough to knock out all of the German "big cats" (Tiger, Panther, King Tiger, etc…) with a direct hit. It was so monstrously powerful that it would crack them wide open, dislodge turrets, and create such a massive spalling effect inside the tank that it was nearly impossible to survive. It effectively earned the Russian tank destroyers that mounted it the name "beast killer". I would not want to be anywhere near the shell blast of one of those.

  26. Brian Dowers

    If this guy is paying $25,000 for an M-16, then I got them for sale only $20,000

  27. Maximus Rager


  28. Bigwu

    Frikkin Great.

  29. Bigwu

    Makes me proud to be a Texan, thanks guys .

  30. Carl Hicks Jr

    Big guns are addictive.
    I tell people all the time… Being a corporal tank gunner on the first gen of M1's in Germany in the way back? Yeah, best job I ever had!

  31. efz629

    Funny to see, how the time changes. Americans cheerings when russian gun is fired. Do they know that those guns were made to stop Nato-troops somewhere in Europe?

  32. Bryan Kay

    Anti-Gun Crowd: What do you think your AR15 is going to stop a tank?

    Robert Bigando: Let me give you a tour.

  33. kyokogodai

    Another add to the bucket list….that I will never do

  34. Make SPQR Great Again

    german > american lol

  35. RightToArms

    …or a good RDIAS for about 15k. With the AR platform, you could shoot Many cartridges in select-fire. Plus, it's not limited to one firearm since the item itself is what's the NFA registered item.

  36. mike furfaro

    Funny to me how political arguments for guns center around home defense or hunting when the truth of the matter, as evident by the laughter after each round fired, is shootin and blowin stuff up is just a gol dang hoot!!! MERICA

  37. Dynamic Hypnotic

    people pay over 25k for M-16s?

  38. Buster Biloxi

    Stupid Gits. Fat, nearsighted and balding. Morons!