American Idiot musical — 21 Guns


  1. The ending of the song punches me in the stomach, rips my heart out, crushes my heart in my face, and eats the little bit of happiness I have left. 10 outta 10 song right here.

  2. Honestly this version of the song missed the point of the album. The implications of this song are violent and angry. The lack of drums during the first chorus make the song seem a lot more peaceful than it was supposed to be.

  3. this is breathtaking. the whole show is outstanding. My theatre class is doing this for Broadway night and I am so excited. if I video it I'll definitely post it

  4. The key change is amazing, but i prefer to EVERY song that is from the musical the original version. This version is cool, but i think the original is so much more… rock and it sounds so true, when billie sings it, because he knows WHAT he sings about and he does that from the bottom of his heart… anyone understand what i mean?

  5. Billy + John= Beautiful AMAZINGNESS. Yup, made up a word for them. That's how great they are. Love John since SA and GD is obviously wow… So wow…