Hey guys today we’re going to discuss all the best BF1 weapons for each class. Sponsored by EA RONKU. Thanks to www.symthic.com for providing detailed stats. Battlefield site:

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  1. I always played cod and this is my first foray into another multiplayer fps, and I must say it kicks the shit out of cod in both gameplay and narrative in the campaign. But it's weird, I was always such a terrible sniper in cod, but in bf1 I'm actually really good and almost exclusively use the scout class, my top 3 are the gewehr 95 carbine, the gewehr 98 sniper and of course the martini Henry, (that thing is a beast and there's something so satisfying about getting a kill with it) also anyone have any explanation why I sucked at sniping in cod but am good in battlefield?

  2. Use the Lewis gun suppressive and prone. Very very accurate, high rate of fire, big mag and pretty good damage. You can just mow people down with that thing

  3. I think the views on the weapons change a little when you go on hardcore, I use the Cei Rigotti as my medic weapon on hardcore, the Gewer 95 for scout. I feel they work better for hardcore and my play style.

  4. Level I love you're channel. I've been watching since the days of BF3, and your channel has gotten better and better with every video. Thanks for the fun times and I hope you keep on gaming. (P.S. The Colt 45. M1911 is my favorite gun to use in-game and IRL.)

  5. How the heck do I buy the pilot/tanker guns? There's no way to access them through customize, you can't buy them in game. I'm so confused.

  6. it pisses me off so much that there's so many downed teammates around you as medic but you just act like an assault, like the only reason I use medic is because I feel like a good person when I heal someone and hear "danke"

  7. on the scout class I really like to use an infantry rifle and take the combat to medium range. plus it helps to set those traps around an objective once your team needs to defend it