Battlefield V Best Medic Guns and Skill tree specializations. The Medic class is underrated in this game and has some amazing primaries if you know how to use them. This video will show you my favourites and the skill trees I use. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. So many shitty medics in this game, seems like when I ever play medic I get all the revives but when I play anything else I never get revived myself. Like am I the only medic that revives people in my lobbies? What is this?

  2. The MP28 used a double stack single feed magazines, and they where somewhat less reliable if you held guns like the Sten, MP28 and other side fed SMGs (or practically any other SMG, look it up).

  3. Nooooo~ it's my fault you died. It's my fault you decided to rush into the house. I'm the one that's trash at the game for standing back and aiming instead of rushing the door. And it's my fault we lost the game cause I didn't revive you…

    (This actually happened with a kid in my squad)

  4. I am trying to master the krag personally, never really play medic. I look at the krag and its use in fast paced games effectively as probably the hardest thing to learn. My hope is when i do try out medic stuff my time on the krag makes all these guns feel easy in comparison.

  5. When you kill a person with the Suomi, and there is an enemy right next to them, the dead body doesn't fall fast enough to hit through them. You keep shooting the dead body. Got killed like that.

    For some reason, I cannot get my hipfire crosshair is too far apart. Even on the hipfire specialization tree.

  6. You know, sometimes I get killed by assault classes using sub machine guns. Can someone explain that to me please? How can you use sub machine guns in assault classes?

  7. When you first said the Suomi KP I was like what gun is that? But then I realized you butchered the name. A fun fact, the KP in the name stands for Konepistooli which is translated in English as a machine pistol

  8. You know anything about the next game jack ? What’s it gonna be ? I really want a game like BF4 again, I waited so long for BF5 to come and once it did I was so very disappointed! It’s so clunky on console and the latency is awful. I’m just playing BF4 now and have uninstalled BFV !!!! So much for that $80 I spent on the hardened version of BFV that I don’t play. Go back to the formula that made all us BF fans dice ! Because these last two games have been crap …..