Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut questioned President-elect Trump’s pick for secretary of education yesterday at her confirmation hearing. Betsy DeVos stated that guns in schools could «protect from potential grizzlies.»


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  1. all these comments are retarded she's not talking about giving the kids guns. The reason gunmen choose to shoot up schools is because they are gun free zones. They know that no one can fight back and it will be like shooting fish in a barrel.

  2. if teacher were allowed to have guns and training there wouldn't be no school shooters. cars and knives kill people should we ban them too.

  3. Rest easy, American parents. Your kids may receive shitty education, not know the most basic of things and not be able to get anywhere in life, but at least they'll be safe from grizzly bears.

  4. I know we are all concerned about grizzly bears, but there is an even bigger threat to our schools… im talking of course about gremlins, centaurs, and predator.

  5. People always complain about school shootings, and I'm glad she recognizes the dire threat of bears that our children face. But what are we supposed to give our children to defend against TERRORISTS?

    Like, what is wrong with you people? Every child should have the right to protect themselves with automatic weaponry. In the classroom. Where they're most vulnerable to terrorist activity. And liberals. And bears.

    Shit, I can't tell if my sarcasm even works anymore. Has she, like, ever met a child? Putting guns in schools? Could be the single dumbest fucking idea ever mentioned, in the entire history of ideas. Not a surprise her brother, Erik Prince, is one of the most amoral disgusting war-profiteers on the planet.

  6. I have never heard of a bear in a school yard in Wyoming. I get woke up by elk in the middle of the night at my Wyoming property. Antelope walk into my workshop. Bears try to stay away from people. Bear attacks happen when people venture into a bears territory. Not the other way around.

  7. She's an empty headed brainless follower she says her heart bleeds for the families what a bloody liar it's like listening to an even more lying pathetic version of Palin

  8. Wow, — that's your education minister? Thank Christ my kids go to school in Canada. Not only do we have a superior education system we don't have a inferior clued out doofus like DeVos spewing out stupidity. Sad.

  9. White trash Christofascist bitch. Same as her mercenary brother. Another right wing Christian nutjob in the Trump admin trying to destroy public schools and replace it with Christian private schools that'll raise more indoctrinated nutjobs like her.
    America you are a f-ing joke with these loonies!

  10. what did anyone really exspect from a woman that has never had to worry about anything important. she was raised rich and will die rich, just like trump and many in office for years.

  11. The media imbeciles took it out of context. It is clear what she meant, and she was right: the states should decide on guns and schools. What fits in NY won't necessarily fit in Alaska.

  12. IF there had been a gun at that connecticut school, the shooting may have been stopped earlier. When will liberals learn? I guess never

  13. This is what America has come to, we have this bitch protecting us against "grizzlies". I could see why we need guns to protect each other, but her reasoning is stupid af. Trump sure is "draining the swamp". He's draining America slowly into oblivion with his stupid nominee picks.

  14. Wow I think I know why the GOP hates Hillary. Because shes not the 'dumb blonde' next door but can actually speak logically and put the GOP on edge. Is it me or do most GOP women seem to be kinda dumb? Sarah Palin,Betsy DeVos,Michelle Bachmann and KellyAnn Conway are idiots. Condeleza Rice may be the only one smart enough to keep out of this political catastrophe.

  15. Time out. I own some property in Wyoming. You can see people walking around wearing guns everywhere in an open carry environment. You will find guns in banks. (The banks never get robbed.) You can see guns of any age in pristine condition hanging on the walls of many businesses. (And you never know if they are loaded or not.)

    And yes, we have grizzlies, along with wolves, mountain lions, bobcats, bison, moose, and all kinds of critters which can harm or kill a person if they so choose.

    But in our schools, I have never been aware of guns in our public schools. However, guns are part of everyday life in Wyoming.

  16. People criticizing her for this remark are idiots. There are places in this country that aren't in the city, where morons couldn't survive more then a week if the power grid went down. There are schools in places like Alaska, where the threat of a bear attack is real. Typical liberals, living in their own bubble, is the reason Trump got elected. I hope she dismantles the teachers union and the Board of education. It's the reason our country ranks between 17 and 24 among industrialized countries. It's also why many companies get graduates from other countries. Because they want people who actually have an education and not a participation trophy, called a degree.