How did the Young Guns do on the airline design challenge? Who did the best job on branding a premium class for an airline? Find out, on this episode of Young Guns.

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How do you design a brand identity system for sub-brand? How do you present your ideas to a stakeholder or client? What is a design critique like and what is the process?

In this episode of The Young Guns, the designers present their final projects for the last design challenge of the season — The First Class Airline Branding Design!

Chris Do provides his critique on their work, presentation, and process while he delivers the hard truth and advice. See how the Young Guns complete this difficult assignment after the mid-point check in and learn along the way.

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  1. I love this Channel ♥️
    I don't know how to make Brand Design, Magazine Layout, how Colour theory Works,
    I get Basic information

  2. Some great critique there by Chris — the man who’s slaying the internet! Suggestion for a future challenge like this: Brand, Rebrand, Rebrand: design the past, present and future iterations of a brand identity with 1 mockup for each.

  3. My first thought about the brand name "nest" and its color concept was the association with the brand Nestlé. Here in Germany, Lufthansa has a very good reputation, while Nestlé has a quite bad image. So my guess would be that the name choice would cause a rather difficult start for the brand to work.

  4. I don't like Conner, he's always going off on his own way, way too much like chill dude and follow directions more thoroughly from the start…

  5. 0 to 5 goes from Connor to Sherif/Sean in my opinion specific to this project alone…All are great talents and we love them but personally again, based on this I felt Arun and Connor were just a way off…On the other side, I want to appreciate Sherif and Sean for absolutely blowing our minds off, putting that amazing identity together…jeez

  6. Hi Do, do you suggest any book/blog for luxury print design ? Often we prepare file for packaging or luxury business card with this kind of premium feel (foil/emboss/stamping) there is always something wrong goes with printer. So need to gather more knowledge on this kind of luxury print. Thanks in advance.

  7. Sean Campbell check some of your spelling on your mockups. I think everyone did a great job, and made good design choices.
    Makes me want to try this project out myself

  8. Love this series! So much Value, thanks Chris!

    Also, when you're designing a stylescape and applications, are you using whatever images you can get your hands on? (Within reason, graphically) or are they all creative commons sourced? Just curious!

  9. I loved Sean's design it was consistent and very powerful design which I can easily recognize as having connection and longevity with the original brand amazing job. Crimson was my second choice and I loved the presentation decks everyone did on showing their logo process especially the deconstructed Nest logo was amazing. Im excited to recreate this project for myself

  10. I think the last one isnt bad, it would work better as a rebrand. I like the bold blue color, but the typography is a bit simple. Its doesnt connect to luxury, at least me it doesnt. I also dont like how vip looks like its simple slapped at the back. There isnt really a connect with the main logo, you could see this as an added or extra part to the logo that way. But i think a better integration would work better. Funny think is that some of his design sort feel like the Futur designs. They feel indeed Utilitarian. Thats why Chris loved that i think 😉

  11. I like that nest proposal as well. Though the 3 cutins should point up like how feathers are build. Also the TM is distracting. Did you also check how the feather would look at the tail of the letter T? I tthink now something is off with the sizing. I thin it would look more catchy at the end of the word. Love the dark blue, very nice style. Im not inline what Chris proposed making abstract shapes, it doesnt connect to the brand i think. Another method could be the feather as the T.

  12. I really dig that pattern design by Sean, though im not sure for a premium brand. The colors link perhaps to much back to the main brand. THe pattern is super sweet, also like others typography could have had a bit of work. I preferred the name Ace but itself, it looks a bit weird like AAce. What i then noticed that AAA3 would nice perhaps as is A-triple. It does stand out and it does it a lot, thats why it simply works as a good system.
    As an extra mark to Chris. If you flipped that double line and align them at the bottom, it looks like a tail wing but also an A. It already does the other, they probably have some deep philosophy why its pointing to the right. Must be something political and something of the owners. Sometimes political thoughts are also embarked into design.

  13. I bet if the first guy would put an older lady it would make the mark. As the soft colors would match better with a female. I think it was nice, its still personal flavour. One would like the other wont. I was thought a trick at school for checking kerning, squint your eyes a bit and the bad spaces will become clear. It works like a champ. Also they are certain spots like the man showed which always show bad kerning in standard type setting. Why didnt he say anything about the I and T, they had bad kerning as well???

  14. Personally, I love to see the way they explore and put lots of thought on their design. The first one done a good job on creating branding but yes, when we take it to airways system, it seems not fit and too "spa" look. But the way he integrate the color is nice. The "Crimson" logo took me immediaterly to the old citibank logo. But He did good with the application. The AACe one in my opinion practically the best on both design and application. The one with "nest" idea, done good with the presentation. And I agree that it might not fit with german style. Unless he can convince the client to take the risk for having out of the box style and get more modern. The last one is the risk taker. And somehow this kind of approach could work with the client but not in real application or vice versa.