Crap Shoot: The Documentary


Seen any good movies lately? One of America’s top research scientists hasn’t, so he heads to Hollywood to find out why! Join Ken and Jim (the 7» tall bumbling narrator) on a hilarious road trip as they take an analytical look at the movie business in a futile attempt at finding order in a world of chaos. Crap Shoot? The Documentary is not just a fascinating discourse on Hollywood’s creative development process, it is epic pathos veiled in brilliant satire. Taking you from the endless urban maze that is L.A. to the surreal experience of Las Vegas on Halloween night, Crap Shoot is easily the most entertaining documentary ever produced. And in the long, fertile history of cinema, it is the only documentary about movie that becomes a movie about documentaries! Crap Shoot should be mandatory viewing at all film schools, and for anyone who wants to laugh hard and often!

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