Donald Trump Is Coming For Your Guns


Depending on who you ask, Donald Trump either ‘led’ or ‘was there for’ a bipartisan conversation on gun reform.

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  1. Clayson Osborn

    Like Stephen Colbert has any dignity

  2. JX C

    I've never been more…confused…

  3. Jaycob Arbogast

    I used to buy my ammo at Dick's, but not anymore…

  4. Mike Krazer

    Yeah but here's the thing, the one-time president Trump is doing one thing right and standing up to his own party you guys are all shiting on him for it. The Obama thing was stupid yes but he's actually trying to get a gun control bill passed. He just called the whole room out for being NRA shills

  5. Julie W.

    Someone with no political experience ? Up against seasoned negotiators? Who does that remind me of? Oh yeah! Your president! And don't forget his idiotic family, not just Kushner, that has access to top secret intel. Like for example, Trump Jr., who is even more stupid than Trump and his lawyer put together. That is scary.

  6. Matthew Mckinney

    So has every president pushing gun control to date hasn't happened yet and I doubt it will but if it does then your all gonna think having an ass hole for president as you was the worst of your life seeing as how if they pull it off disarming the masses taking control will be like another of our historical figures started his plan. His name was hitler

  7. Steve Davis

    How much more does don trump get to be so much more stupid than he already is ? SERIOUSLY !!!

  8. William Wallace

    Good luck getting my gun ever. I don't own it for defense against fellow citizens. I own it for defense against tyrannical government that thinks it can just come take my shit from me and tell me what I can and can't own. Founders clearly knew technology would evolve and also wrote some fairly clear supporting documents explaining their feelings on "the people" being armed with equivalent arms to that of their government: definitely for it. Guns were made basic rights simply to make it that much more difficult to get rid of them when a government wanted more power over the people than it had a right to.

    You should find your own answer to the guns issue and own or don't own one for whatever reasons you decide on, but do not seek to remove the choice to do the same from others. Frankly, I would rather live in a world with more risk and increased freedom than a world with more safety and decreased freedom because the safe world also comes with abusive leadership eventually. Inevitably power will fall to someone unfit to use it and that's when dark things happen. Go read a history textbook. Then learn to defend and think for yourself.

  9. killeing

    Well there you go trump fans, trump finally did SOMETHING right. I think that balances the scale of 1/999 pretty evenly…

  10. Bryan Ouellet

    Mr. president…..fuck you!

  11. Roman Darius

    Stephen Colbert lives in a neighborhood that is so white, when it snows, you can only see the eyes of the residence there, so don't let have you prove that you are not a racist. Stephen is 100 percent racist, and he is also an angry white male. He is rich, white, and angry at the world. Nothing would make him happy.

  12. Roman Darius

    You should see the gun violence in London, and they are under gun control.

  13. Younus Malik

    UAE involved in this too ??? Why

  14. Bullcrap McGee

    3:00 reminds me of John Mulaney’s joke about Trump being like a horse in a hospital

    “Wait…is the horse smart?”

  15. daniel job

    pointing at NRA Trumpaholics Hahahahaha! Aha-aha-aha-hahahahahaha!! pauses for deep breath HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Etcetera and so on.

  16. Randy R

    Another senseless shooting today in another school. What in the hell is it going to take for parents to act more responsibly and lock up their damn guns, or at least find a way to keep it out of the hands of their children? How much more blood must flow before those things in DC wakes up? The Rambo gun lobby thinks we are going to give up the fight. THEY ARE WRONG

  17. Ryan Krekeler

    Stephen Colbert is an extension of the liberal media.

  18. Make America great again.

    Stop lying to people you ass

  19. dirtyleny

    2 months later …all is gone

  20. nightlightabcd

    Dead people don't have any rights!

  21. eelis salonen

    Homeless organ likely feature cross candidate satisfaction average peer spend.

  22. Nanette Tanner

    mystery high tragedy loose market theoretical we hip reinforce specialist define even.

  23. Emilie Thomas

    Dear god. This guy is a complete idiot.

  24. Tammie Broggins

    I just bought me a moss b there not taking it for me

  25. MoFarah'sDust

    Colbert is so RACIST against asians!!!!

  26. Hasan Kazmi

    I thought it was common knowledge sports authority and dicks carry firearms

  27. William Chamberlain

    You could just use a bit more sense when selling — — and keep liability for ownership on the purchaser unless they have a proper and registered bill of sale — like you do for private sale of cars (at least in the UK and AU)

  28. wendy pan

    There’s still no gun control bill up to now tho. That Senator said that Congress Ryan forgot his last name and Senate MitchMcConnell don’t put it on the floor for a vote……still.

  29. Benendes C

    Don't bring trumps party into this . If you listen to what he is saying , he's taken control of the room and trump 5 years ago wasn't in office and had no influence. Obama was cool but didn't take charge . This is a win for trump

  30. Rudy Hicks

    Donald Trump is not smart enough to use a gun. He would (as usual) shoot himself in the foot. But he would claim it wasn't his fault. Mr. Brains speaks again. WHO's afraid of the NRA. National Racist Assosition.

  31. Bob Abooey

    Does anybody with LIFE stay up to watch this douchebag??

  32. Mister Smith

    Thanks, OBAMA.

  33. Rowan Baker

    scare whatever until measure but request salmon fighting now closer reply.

  34. Ani D

    Where’s the gif from “his head” is from?

  35. Frederick Martinez

    Fuck you Stephen Colbert

  36. FallingGalaxy

    Lol. That's what happens when you bring a malignant narcissist into power. He's not in anyone's pocket, because he's too busy thinking he's the best person in the universe and so he'll attack literally anyone. Doesn't mean he's any good. Actually just displays his symptoms of not having a conscience all the more.

  37. Cameron Brown

    Hey dumb ass, assault style weapons means nothing!!! That term was invented to demonize guns with stocks that aren't wood! The 30-30 and the 30ot6 can do far more damage than these "assault weapons" everyone hates, and those are guns preferred by hunters! However the AR-15 is also a sporting gun, it just has an ugly stock! Guess what! A Glock 17 which is a very popular handgun platform holds 17 rounds and you can pull the trigger faster and it is more easily aimed!!! Do some homework and stop talking out of your ass!!

  38. 1pwNz0mb13Z

    Trump telling it like it is! Never thought I'd hear any politician be that raw.

  39. Freedom In Flight

    Those who believe in the second amendment — welcome to my channel!

  40. Troy Johnston

    Notice how Trump's wearing a blue tie. Interesting.

  41. Michelle Hernandez

    In a movie Trump would just go ahead with his Liberal instincts and get shit passed but in real life he listens to the swamp denizens in his office (or his Russian handlers) and he goes the opposite way and gets absolutely nothing done. I suppose that's ok? We can wait him out.

  42. Daniel Emmanuel

    Fucking American humour is the equivalent of a mass shooting to comedy

  43. UncleRosie

    Trump haters must be waking up in hell every morning. Colbert is a useful idiot. This is hilarious!!!!