DOOM Resurrected [Part 3] — Guns, Guitars & Chess on Mars (Doom Documentary)


In our third and final video looking into the development of DOOM (2016) Danny talks to the team about designing combat chess, and chats to Mick Gordon about writing the game’s incredible soundtrack. [Part 3 of 3]

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Hosted by Danny O’Dwyer

DOOM Music:
Mick Gordon — Argent Energy
Mick Gordon — Rip & Tear
Mick Gordon — BFG Division

Additional Music Supplied by Audio Network:

Produced by Danny O’Dwyer & Jeremy Jayne.
Funded by Gamers.

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  1. John Doe

    Mick Gordon….Y U SO AWESOME????

  2. Jonathan Grayson

    this is the best youtube channel. geez. plus Danny is savage at pubg

  3. Count Spartula

    Mick Gordon is overrated.

  4. Akshay Ravi Kumar

    BFG Division for the win, boiii

  5. TalonFlame 54

    When I first got the berserker power up I laughed like a madman

  6. Lucky6sniper

    All I want to know is will there be another room after doom 2016?

  7. DaRealKing303

    Such a good game!

  8. Adam Baldwin

    Great documentary. The entire game is, in my opinion, a masterpiece but the soundtrack really pushes it over the top. It's sort of similar to how in the original, the music sets the tone and is like putting on a set of headphones and telling yourself "I'm going to go kick some ass now!" except in this case, it's cranked up to 12. It's got familiar elements and styles to it and yet it feels very original and captures both the feel and the attitude of the gameplay perfectly. It drives you forward and never gets in the way. It's been a long time since I was so blown away by a video game soundtrack (especially to the point where I listen to it even when I'm not playing the game).

  9. TetrisClock

    >didn't want heavy metal
    >ends up with the most metal game ever

  10. Shadicgunman

    Doom √16

  11. Steven Drew

    Mick Gorgon: What is Mars? The Jayden Smith of game design.

  12. Rahul Gadodia

    "Popcorn Horror" — Brilliant

  13. Vicat Mauricio

    That was freaking Awesome!

  14. Emilio Reyes

    …… Who the FUCK said "get rid of the glory kills"?!

  15. NDrinks

    I pretty much lost interest in single player FPS games after Bioshock Infinite but Doom grabbed me in a way very few games have in years.

  16. thanksfernuthin

    The music is good but I was really hoping it would feature elements of the original music more prominently and more often. Not all the time, just more than it is. The original music really speaks directly to the lizard portion of my brain.

  17. RauL Alberto

    I Paused everything to see this docummentary, you truly was succesful capturing all the love and nostalgia doom is about, the meaning and what it make doom fans feel. WELL DONE SIR!

  18. Ruud Langezaal

    Doom is one of the few games i don't turn the music of. And i'm not even a great metal fan. The other one is Rayman Origins 🙂

  19. shingshongshamalama

    I love how the super shotgun didn't even need mods. Just make it better. Yeah make the best upgrade be fire both barrels independently.

    So now you've got a super shotgun that shoots the equivalent of two shells at a time, TWICE. You're literally doubling your ammo.

  20. Sukma Dick

    Doom 2016 sucks

  21. James Bowling

    What a documentary. I love hearing about this game so these videos were like a treasure trove to me.

  22. Xiefux

    Even on tv with big budgets they wont make documentaries as good as this. Its a masterpiece

  23. Vek Online

    Thank you so much you bloody legends (Danny & Co and Patreons) at NoClip, this kind of insight into and exploration of video games and the people behind them is priceless, you did exceptionally well.

    11/10, will recommend!

  24. Mr Frank


  25. restlessfrager

    Gotta say Hugo's right, I burst out laughing like a mad man the first time the Revenant killed me and started beating me with my own arms. Amazing moments.

  26. Calum A

    Fantastic documentary.

  27. Zarchon

    The music made my ears fucking flood with braingasms. The gameplay was exactly what they created- and exactly what we wished for. The quality of their artwork for their directional flow of the character is fantastic. The weapons were delicious- but I always stuck to the Super Shotgun. It was just too fun and powerful. The constant dancing of death is deliciously fluent. I love Mick's reverence to the DOOM franchise. Also, I love how they didn't want the game to be "too metal." DOOM = Metal. That's it. And Mick's musical process? I love it.

  28. TheConsole Killer

    Awesome doc. Its true about music in games. The old games had the best fuckin music. Its great that doom brought that back as well as the amazing gameplay.

  29. Pointman

    I noticed the music actually blends when you get low health without ruining the moment. XD

  30. Pierre Mueller

    First of all, this is a great documentary. Danny and co., it's exceptional how good this is coming together.

    Second, Gordon is a genius. His music for Doom and for e.g. Wolfenstein makes games. His work can't be overvalued. Also he seems to be a lovely chap so 10/10 here.

  31. HiCZoK

    I am really impressed how professional Mick Gordon is. wow

  32. Ketunloikka

    Damn the swarm rocket mod looked badass.

  33. bloodygentleman

    the soundtrack is the only downside of Doom 2016 IMO, ear bleeding shit, trash metal was better

  34. peter

    I bet many a lifters ripped and tore in the gym listening to the soundtrack.

  35. peter

    16:39 "it very is"

  36. 5cyp43r

    Great documentary.

  37. Riney

    Aaaaaaand there's BFG Division. >:D

    Very awesome documentary. Kept me entertained the whole way, and finally, I know this wouldn't be a positive Doom 2016 video without the best song in the game being played, in my opinion anyway. I went from; "I might be terrified a little of this game", to "I am the Doom Slayer, fear me". And thats what kept me hooked in this game, the music. I was rewarded after each level with more. I felt uncertainty in the beginning, only to become hell's very own bane.

    This studio amazed me. Graphically, the game is stunning. Technically, the game works flawlessly on my machine, even with outdated parts. And don't get me started on the fun. This game felt like an adult Metroid game, with the map, lore, and secrets. Didn't need to get any of it. I could have bruted right through the game and had been fine, but this was special to me. Loved it.

    And with that said, thanks for showing me and everyone else a glimpse into those who put years into this. I like knowing that the people who made this game made sure it was fun first, unlike other studios who's more focused on making enough money to make sequels.

  38. Kevin Fobert

    Anyone who enjoys the DOOM soundtrack should also check out Paul Wardingham.

  39. JetskiPilot Gaming

    Such a well put together documentary. Great insight into game development. Well done! I had picked up DOOM (2016) at release, but never finished the campaign due to other games I started playing. I've recently just got back to playing DOOM again and plan to finish the game. Such an awesome game with a kick-ass soundtrack.

  40. Professor Pachyderm

    Excellent work. The presentation was stellar.

  41. midinerd

    This was awesome!

  42. Lin Christopher

    I think this episode is the most valued for game dev like me. Especially thanks for the music part! actually i didn't expect that kindda detail info, very useful.

  43. Nathaniel Seymour

    Awesome job on this!! I love how the Mancubus is the first baddy you seen when the credits start rolling. He has my favorite description from Doom 2 which is, "The only good thing about fasto is that he's a nice wide target. Good thing, it takes a lot of bullets to puncture him. He pumps out fireballs like there was no tomorrow!"

  44. Kat Reynolds

    "popcorn horror" haha, i like that

  45. Rob Martens

    I finally got past a bunch of Real Life bullshit that kept me from playing Doom and finished the game a couple days ago, then sat down to check out this series, which had been in my Watch Later playlist for months. Fan fucking tastic, game and doc alike! Had a big stupid smile plastered on my face throughout both of them.

    The game was brilliant, and the only thing I didn't like about it (beside the "Half-Life 2 in 2004" load times) was having to punch the little weapon upgrade droid to get my mods. Hugo mentioned that at about 13:25, how violence that's not silly enough can start to seem nasty; for all the blood and gore in the game, none of it bothered me because it was either literal demons who live for that shit, or UAC members who are deserving by complicity (sort of like the dogs in Wolfenstein; "you know you kill people, too" yeah but they're Nazis, the dogs are innocent animals). The adorable little floaty robot dude didn't do anything to earn a bop on the nose, and the way he looks so betrayed when he gets hit made me feel terrible. It's a silly thing, and of course it didn't bother me for any length of time, but it was the only part of the game that knocked me out of the "fucking fuck these fuckers" mentality and made me sad.

    Anyway, Noclip is doing masterful work with these documentaries! This is in all seriousness a service to the industry and art of videogames, and as others have opined it makes me weep tears of joy to know high quality, easily accessible, in-depth coverage of the people and stories behind it all will be available in the coming years, and ultimately decades (hopefully longer, with forward-thinking backup/archive strategies). I'm just sorry I haven't got the income to support the team right now. Keep it up!

  46. Derrick Hayden

    I will never understand why the episodes have less and less views, this stuff is great.

  47. Joostin Kookel

    Really well made, I'm glad you are funded.

  48. Slime Bucket

    I honestly have never seen better produced content on youtube. amazingly well done