Ellie Goulding visits 104.3 MYfm in Los Angeles, CA to deliver an exclusive private performance JUST for a lucky few MYfm listeners.


  1. Great performance. This is the Ellie I have the crush on. Of course, I like the "alt-folky" crap. But only if someone actually has something to say. ?
    (Come back Ellie!! We miss you! ?)

  2. i hit a like button back in 2011 a bit later i stopped listening her when she started making commercial songs. but i still remember all the lyrics and intonations from this video damn…

  3. The regular song would benefit from a less funky/happy beat, there is a remix of the song by Monsieur Adi which feels just right with a rather dramatic vibe to it, at least that's IMO, very sad song, the lyrics are great and what a chorus…

  4. I appreciate her music so much more knowing she wasn't just a pop star to come out of the blue. She can actually play her instrument and hold it down with these originals before her super pop stuff! This sound amazing!

  5. A splendid performance. Ellie Goulding has a very unique voice, too bad it's concealed beneath generic electonic tracks in most of her songs.

  6. I have to say that although I like some of her commercial stuff these acoustic tracks are a thousand times better.
    I never really appreciated how good she was until I saw her performing without all the over the top electronic production that most of her songs are drowned in.