DJ Wire’s remix of Guns and Horses by Ellie Goulding — Forthcoming on Polydor Digital.

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  1. Просто дерьмище. Как из листа удалить (сделать так что бы не воспроизвадилось) ?

  2. Sorry, I listen to this song again and I can't take back what I said. This is kinda listening to a bad Techno music. I don't really dig Techno but I guess any track from Umek is better than this.

  3. Anyone know where i can find the mixes with the hentai babe thumbnails those are usually the best. if one person can give me a link i can find the rest myself.

  4. Look, this is Dubstep right? They say that some of their roots relies on Drum and Bass, so I invite to check out some of the oldskools dNb folks. Take a look at this song Roni Size & Reprazent — New Forms. Or listen to LTJ Bukem — Orchestral Jam. Have some serious sub woofers? Lemon D — Manhattan Melody. Want to feel a oldskooler doing some serious tune? High Contrast — Brief Encounter. And just to keep the thing in Dubstep, yesterday I found out those guys — amazing work — Zeds Dead feat Omar Linx — Out for Blood, what a original piece of work! Got subscribed on sight.

  5. No body can really like a music like that. If you do, you are tripping, and you don't need drugs for that. I just love electronic music, all kinds, all shapes. I respect the bassline. And that is by design, a bassline can easily bring you confidence. But those songs? What a shame, but this is not new in music in any way, there is lots of good music and there is people that do not do music, they do money. Shame on you.

  6. Why release this? To fill a playlist? What a shame. You get a loop, a vocal and then you say you did a remix. Come on, try a little harder.

  7. the majority of people in these comments are talking shit while the majority of like/dislikes is likes, some of you mother fuckers are lyin 😉