Éric Nado — Typewriter Guns


© 2017, Galerie C.O.A/Éric Nado (www.galeriecoa.com/collections/eric-nado)
Video by/par Patrick Peris (toribou.com) / Original music by/par Pierre Desmarais (pierredesmaraismusik.com).
All rights reserved / Tous droits réservés.

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  1. Lincoln Stewart

    Very nice, but I'd be a lot more impressed if you went the other way and took apart some guns and turned them into typewriters.

  2. meep_ferret

    so you're making a real "Chicago Typewriter" 🙂
    Not the TV series, but knick-name for the machine gun:

    Chicago Typewritern. A Thompson submachine gun, as used by Prohibition-era gangsters.
    So-named because the sound of a Tommy being fired in the distance
    resembled the sound of typing on a typewriter,
    and because the weapon was in popular use throughout south-side Chicago in Al Capone's day.