Finding Two Guns & The Death Cave — Oddments Vlog 20


There are so many incredible abandoned places in Arizona. I explore some incredible places left behind forever. Two Guns, Twin Arrows, and of course I had to tour through the Apache Death Cave. Arizona never lets me down.

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  1. Soto Gremble

    I gave it a thumbs down for the misleading/clickbait title. Not amused.

  2. Seth Phifer

    I absolutely hate taggers.

  3. Jerry Smith

    There was a double murder in one of those Trading Posts along there, I believe in the 1950’s….never solved, that I know of….highway to anywhere…

  4. Bart Atwood-Ebi

    I'm way late to this party. I've thought about what might do after I retire and it occurs to me that I might get my kicks on Route 66 by tracing it from one end to the other, as best I can…

  5. Dee Eddington

    That’s heartbreaking. To see something that was once something and now just left to decay. ?

  6. psx2rulz2

    Man.. just seeing all that beautiful scenery and then hearing the freeway in the background…just ruins it. I'm sitting here imagining what that would have sounded like back 100 or more years ago…just the wind and some sparse wildlife…

  7. Don L.L.

    We have a stretch of old 66 in my state (Oklahoma) still runs through middle of west okc with lots of very old businesses that have changed hands many times but still active. I drove out to Cali in early 80s as young teen with pops and we stopped off on 66 a few times just to see, still had some gas stations hotels and restaurants but you could tell their time was near. So many great things on 66!

  8. K Matt

    I use to love going into these places when we would travel with my parents as a kid. I miss the times when a family vacation meant loading in a car and driving cross country Now the vacation kids want is to stay on their gaming systems and bully online. I miss the good ole days

  9. Paul Grimm

    I stopped there to take a dump in 65

  10. James Russell

    maybe carrying a gun would be in order!

  11. Family Phone

    Can't call you a lier… but you sure came as close to lying as you can. Thumbs down.

  12. Kevin Grazier

    Tnx for the look ???

  13. Sandy Mclellan

    Stop moaning about graffiti. Writing your name on a wall has been going since before fire was discovered. Cave paintings, hieroglyphics ect and I bet you like them. You will never stop people expressing themselves and you should be condemned for trying. Would you rather see a colourful wall or a grey one?

  14. Lisa Celeste

    Shout outs to Thrashbird on the side of the building. I see you!

  15. Ahmad Ghoul

    Fuck you because you lied

  16. Samuel Morado

    Hello from Lubbock Texas. I enjoy your videos. U remind me of guy from blues clues

  17. Cozy Rules


  18. Rick Eaton

    KAMP was a KOA or Kampgounds of America. They are scattered all over the country and always had that A-Frame look with the yellow roof that either said "KAMP" or "KOA" on it.

  19. Jae_ R_1999

    canyon diablo one of the most amazing places in north-east arizona to hike very haunting and mysterious history

  20. Rick Spearman

    Treble that people have no respect for the past or the people who owned these one time businesses. All the know is to vandalize and destroy ( their idea of fun) Sad statement of youth today. As for the poster, don't bother filming the destruction, no one of sound mind wants to see this sort of stuff

  21. Jimbo in Thailand

    +1 M.I. — Another excellent very entertaining and informative peak at the forgotten, as usual. I wish you could do a series picking up the beginning of what's left of Route 66, probably somewhere outside Chicago, and make your way west covering as much of the length of the forgotten highway as possible to its conclusion in Santa Barbara, CA. I realize others have covered parts of it, but certainly not in your get-your-hands-and knees-dirty style crawling through all the dangerous and creepy stuff. Think about it, it would be great! And the drone aerial footage really adds so much to your explorations.

    Cheers from Thailand young fella!

  22. naturist

    Was there several years ago,that was a KOA Kampground at one time,when we were there the pool was not full of graffiti and the walls were mostly solid, I was shocked to see how fast it is falling apart in just several years time being as how it's so dry all the time out there, the bath house still had the long KOA sink in it but was at an angle,seems to me there was also a filling station at two guns with a small resturant ,went there on the way to see meteor crater right off of I believe it was I — 40 .

  23. Biker Geek

    Great video. No crappy music and some historical data to boot. I want to head up there a do some drone videos. The cave sounds awesome. I know where it is, I just haven't had the chance to get there yet.