For This Chinese Texan, Guns Are The American Dream


Welcome to Donald Chen’s Texas ranch: a place where Chinese gun lovers live out firearm fantasies that are largely forbidden in China. For Chen, this is the American Dream.

#ChineseAmerican #Hunting #NavarroCounty

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  1. Dolly Li

    Hey everyone! I'm Dolly Li, the host of this video with Donald Chen. Thanks for taking the time to watch and I'm curious to hear all of your questions so feel free to drop them below 👇

  2. ethan020497

    bro i have these same bed sheets #TexasPride

  3. Ashley The TrAshley

    I prefer this Donald over the president.

  4. 7superdaimajin

    5:15 Very few gun deaths in China. Plenty of knife murders and kidnappings. Plus, the government gets to carve you up for your organs! Yay! ;D

  5. Tanner Adams

    These guys are more American than most Americans. Stand up dudes it seems like

  6. Peejay D

    3:40 "how many guns do you have here?" Also "do you want more?? "

    Me — "what kind of mushroom you been picking? Isn't my 'Gun-Wall'
    obvious enough!?? "

    Idiot question!

  7. J. Heck

    SO cool!!

  8. Fasiapule kaufusi

    And the point here is if everyone had a gun, no criminal would have the guts and courage to commit crimes. But if only the criminals have guns, our fists can't stop them.

  9. Fasiapule kaufusi

    Im from Texas. The reason why Texans prefer the Texan flag over the US flag is because some still think Texas should be independent. After the Texan revolution from Mexico, Texas was an independent country for i think ten years. After that, America took over.

  10. Fasiapule kaufusi

    Support the 2nd Chinese brothers!!!

  11. JUSTIN Thomas, Jr.

    I had a gun ad before watching this

  12. 762459

    This guy: Ni Hawdy

  13. Zhehao Shen

    Mad respect

  14. Johnny Walker

    This man is more American than these blue hair liberals

  15. 822勃大大

    Funny he speaks english with Hubei accent😂

  16. Thanh

    They are more "Americans' than most Americans. Especially the communists in Portland.

  17. Aaron Vaughn

    I do not know an awful lot about the Asian and Chinese culture specifically I should learn more and I welcome them to bring their culture to us but I also really like the idea of them in bracing at least the good parts of our culture I believe you should bring some of your culture because diversity is not a bad thing but I also believe that you should respect and embrace the American culture and I think there’s more white Christian man like me saw these videos there would be less Of a prejudicial knee-jerk reaction to people that are from different parts of the world

  18. abnrngr1985

    Why would the People's Republic of China allow him to voluntarily leave 3 1/2 years ago to set up "shops" all over Texas, and bad mouth the PRC — then not recall him back to the home land. Seems out of character for PRC, which loves oppression. Unless maybe he's been tasked to set up safehouses for Chinese national/insurgents; should hostilities breakout between US and PRC. Could be a perfect cover as an "avid" hunter, to simply turn against his host nation when the situation calls for it, while maintaining, honing and training his "hunting" skills with other PRC nationals in our country. Make no mistake their loyalty is to the Communist Chinese Party (CCP), not Texas nor USA. .

  19. The Onion Control

    He's living the American dream. Left an oppressive communist nation to get a better life for himself. Good man.

  20. Pali_Aha

    Wait a minute.
    How come Donald doesn't have a Southern Drawl
    (like Bruce, the Chinese Cowboy)?

  21. Ben Gully

    “Over the last ten years over 40% of immigrants to Texas came from China !” If they are like Donald that’s cool. But in nyc and Nj it’s the wealthy that are just coming with a lot of money and buying up all the properties. This is a global phenomenon.

  22. TW F

    Yah…China has a lot less gun deaths…meanwhile XinZhang Province…But what you don't mention is the CDC statistic that at there are around 500,000 incidents per year in the US where gun ownership saves lives. Moreover, I'd bet your 40,000 stat includes suicides but you'd need to clarify this. Don't believe me? Here's the CDC direct quote because I know Google searches can be difficult:

    ""Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was 'used' by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies. … Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year, in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008."

  23. ShinJoeMeYo

    5:33 my dude literally has a lit cig inches away from his daughter's face…..

  24. renamix

    Ofcourse you can't own a gun, only those laying down the law can do so where he comes from. Guns for Opression4ever. And a hashtag or somthing.

  25. DC ent

    I'm sure he's tied up in something criminal

  26. Oscar A.

    I was in the same boat. Being Forbidden from owning guns.. but I didn't live in China I lived in Illinois. Now I live in Texas and own over 8 weapons. Love them for sport and hunting and self defense!

  27. Roy Lethen

    5:30 teach the 3 year olds to like guns AND cigarrettes 🙂 nice

  28. Joshua Collins

    LOL, this is hilarious. 3.5 years and he's gone full blown American. Impressive. Also his ranch looks really nice, happy for this guy.

  29. ShyPoke

    This comment section makes the left look like liars when they call conservatives racist.

  30. charles barkson

    This guy is going in my list of things I love about this country

  31. Tyler Dickey

    Hate the regime, love the people.

  32. A A

    important to note that a significant majority of gun deaths in the US annually are suicides, not murders, according to the FBI statistics on gun related deaths.

    in addition, among those deaths they also count justified self defense and accidents, which also count for a significant minority.

    the annual murder rate is ~8000 on average, when guns alone are counted. when counting all means of murder, it's in excess of ~18500-19000, on average evening out to ~5.3 murders per 100 000 citizen.

  33. infect0r

    Remember to vote Republican because the democrats want to take our guns and other rights away from us. We stand TALL and that will never happen. Just remember who the dems really serve.

  34. Mike Coles

    Welcome to America, Mr Chen. Glad to have you.

  35. Avocado Gaming

    They came to Texas for that Freedom!