Full Auto BB Guns Are Legal! (…and cheap, too)


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Umarex Legends MP40 and Extra Mags:
Umarex Steel Storm:
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    For more information about the products in this video, visit these links.
    IWI Mini Uzi: https://goo.gl/AVMWKC
    Extra Uzi Mags: https://goo.gl/axFNa9
    Beretta 92A1: https://goo.gl/SNrcyN
    Extra Beretta Mags: https://goo.gl/Sjxc3j
    Umarex Legends MP40 and Extra Mags: https://goo.gl/M2Gq4k
    Umarex Steel Storm: https://goo.gl/KoDLtE
    Steel Storm Bulk Fill Adapter: https://goo.gl/J6gufW
    Hornady Black Diamond BBs: https://goo.gl/PjV7hK
    CO2 Cartridges: https://goo.gl/wjWU3S

  2. Zvrqah

    Imagine a Scorpion

  3. Soviet Jay kid

    How the fuck is 150$-200$ CHEA

  4. pablpfanque

    My dream as a 12 year old.

  5. Son ofaGun

    oh and nice vid.

  6. Son ofaGun

    Republicans suck. Trump refused to serve this country, you support him. Refuses to pay taxes, you support him, grabbed your daughters pussy, you support him, dissed John McCain, you support him, loves putin and kim un, you support him…fuck you non-patriots.

  7. terrorizer NELA

    I love airguns thanks for this vid.

  8. Matt Priday

    There’s a wolf behind you!?

  9. Swaze

    California is gonna ban this.

  10. TropoCal

    Hey, watch out!……There's a wolf sneaking up behind you! — (10:05)
    Seriously, very cool, couldn't stop smiling!
    I'll use the excuse of buying them for my grand-kids, as an introduction to firearms
    Way cooler than my Crossman Pump was.

    Thumbs Up # 31K+1

  11. Blue Ridge Southern Railfanning

    I wish they had made a m2 Browning and a M60 heavy machine-gun for

  12. ryan Talley98

    Will it kill a intruder in a self defense situation? It looks like it could do some demage

  13. Coco Drilo

    I loved having BB guns as a kid and I love them even more as an adult!

  14. B.I.S¿

    No they are illegal it literally says it it’s a law in New York State no auto Airsoft or bb

  15. The Virtual Scotsman

    Can i get these in the UK?

  16. Senpai

    for killing rats and roaches should i get a pistol or a sniper?

  17. Mani Mozhi

    5:43 see his cheeks…… ??????????????????

  18. Not a Bot

    so who’s gonna tell him what a dsg or polarstar is?

  19. Ray Johnson

    I like to get one where can I get one in Alabama

  20. MrErichonda30

    Probably not California legal.

  21. Jaden Rintharamy

    If gta sa had these guns it would be only rated 13+

  22. Michael Bowman

    I have not seen any of these for $150 to $250…. Shoot me a website

  23. AngeliqueKaga


  24. Jeffrey D

    Can I open carry these in the Police State? I want an air handgun that can do serious damage/death. I dont want to carry a real gun bc Im a felon, and the Police State would give me 900 years if caught with it

  25. PaiN ExoTiC

    this is epic! Def gonna get that uzi

  26. Juan Gaytan

    Sucks it cant be hpa tapped like a p*

  27. george fazzari

    where can you get co2 cartridges cheap?

  28. J.R. Bolton

    IT SAYS AND CHEAP and IT IS 213 dollars

  29. Franklin Vornberg

    i am going to buy one

  30. Coolnicknameguy

    libs will be like " that looks scary, ban it"

  31. Der Wahnsinnige

    you are so surprised that there are full auto bb guns? I suspect that is the reason why you would have so much fun with the scrap to share !
     There are many better ones you should try 😉

  32. D D

    You think that mfer would take out groundhogs?

  33. Cowerdnerd Despacito

    Someone tell me there is a airsoft tommy gun

  34. Officer Friendly

    Does the mp40 stop when the mag is empty or does it keeping going like the uzi???

  35. Josh Noneyabuissness

    Idk… For $100-$250 I can buy a case of ammo for my real guns…

    But I can see it being fun and cheap to shoot. If you have a big enough yard and no neighbors catching strays you wouldnt have to go to the range either.

  36. Chris Robbins

    Get a Gas Blowback. Practically real. Get a WETech M416 GBB for $300+ and it’s like a real HK416. Bolt Carrie group comes out like a real one and comes apart like a real AR15 and you can get one at Evikes airsoft

  37. Meme Maker

    This guys gotta try airsoft

  38. James Robinson

    can you shoot the star out to win a prize?

  39. Jim Bougard

    I bought the MP40 from the local Bass Pro. At first, I was disappointed with how often the BBs jammed up in the clip. I even bought a different clip to try and solve the issue, with no success. Today I tried using the Umerex brand BB's. THAT WAS IT! Problem solved. I'm getting about 200 rds per two CO2 canisters. It is now working flawlessly. If you are purchasing the MP40, make sure you buy the Umerex BBs!

  40. Ant Hay-Buchanan

    I want, I want!!!

  41. Brannin Bova

    I tried getting an air soft gun online on a certain website and they wouldn’t ship it to here in California AN AIRSOFT GUN! California is all libtards and I want to move to Texas!

  42. Tanel Murd

    Estlandia (from EU) over here, the german MP-40 here is not full-auto has an option, restricted to singel shot only, u can guess why… thats why because Germania still feels guilty of killing the communist and stuff…

  43. Jeffrey Ottinger

    Mom:Why does this squirrel have 6 bbs in him!
    Me: Well my BB gun only shots a 6 burst or I would have shot 8 but there no 8 burst. Maybe your right I’ll shot twice 12 bbs is Better
    Mom: I give up.

  44. broccolihart71

    The smile on your face makes me happy !

  45. Terry Reyes

    The feet per second is laughable though. It's no good for anything but paper ?

  46. Anthony Gordon

    You'll shot everyone eyes out..

  47. Star Gazer

    This is the way to target practice and way way cheaper than buying real bullets…

  48. Gank 480

    where can i buy bb guns in ph 🙁