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  1. This is sick…I don't understand how anyone who thinks a kid shooting a man who was probably their father is funny. That guy probably died.

  2. At 4:05 — I would say that this guy letting a toddler squeeze that trigger is an idiot — except that it would insult all of the legitimate idiots out there. Small children should be taught to stay away from adult firearms. Later on, maybe 11-12 or so, they can be brought into that world.

  3. I went into this thinking there would be some comedy. What I got from this video is that there are a lot of stupid people that have no business being anywhere around a gun. I love shooting my guns especially with friends or family, but I would not want to be within a solid mile of any of these people when there is a firearm involved. Down here in my neck of the woods we take gun safety seriously. I'm not trying to come off all high and mighty, but keep in mind that you have in your hands a tool that can kill in a flat second.

  4. Shame on the fucker who filmed that toddler shooting the guy. They could have prevented that whole thing. I don't think they gave the kid the gun, it looks like he snatched it from the holster.

  5. Complete idiots that never have taken any safety course and shouldn't own guns .. and wtf is that guys problem letting his 2 year old shoot his gun ? Idgaf if he's holding it for the kid …. never should have happend , irresponsible parent endangering his child … he didn't even give his 2 year old any safety glasses !!!!! Hope u get ur gun taken from u scum bag

  6. Did that toddler kill his father? Looked like a diagonal gut shot lower left abdomen into and through upper left chest. A very ugly shot. Or was it fake?

  7. The small kid who shoots at his father is not funny at all!!!! Who can be so stupid to put a charged gun in the hands of a three years old baby???

  8. I hate when they put shooting kids…. first of all kids are stupid and they lack power.. so.. no fun… Well I do agree seeing a small kid hit by recoil and bleeding… so… is stupid but fun.. I wish I see something more explicit and with more damage like skull fucking with the gun and so on..