Gangs and guns: stopping Chicago's revenge killings | Unreported World


Gang culture in Chicago has turned the city into America’s murder capital — but only 25% of murders there are actually solved. The violence has now become so extreme people are actively living in trauma. Unreported World meets the rival gangs and the individuals trying to ‘interrupt’ this pattern of violence and killings.

This episode first aired on the 15/04/16

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  1. M Hughes

    This presenter has given diagnosis to the issues surrounding these people within 5 minutes. Ridiculous. Black America won't fix themselves, they want others to do it for them, and when whitey asks them to take responsible for themselves, he's racist. Bullshit 101. Clean your house up and stop killing each other and blaming whitey for not wiping your ass. Black American culture IS killing each other and making music about it, pathetic.

  2. Chad Bruce

    Poor black neigborhoods!! Chicago is a disgusting city.

  3. dino sgura

    America is becoming the new Brazil…. wow. Thanx Obama.

  4. 80sbreaker

    i am a black man — this level of black crime only happens in Democratic Liberal cities — I am voting Trump 2020

  5. David Divad

    niggas its okay to say in the black community … if a white person would say that, then there prejudiced. why the 2 way street? I see that the black community/people are the prejudiced ones … so ready to play the race card. maybe im dumb…please help me see the light. just like the saying I'm a African-American well were you born in Africa and then move to America or were you born in American and clam your heritage as a Africa … so you would be a American-African. again help me see the light. i know ill get alot of heat with my comment but again please help me understand. why cant we all get along

  6. Nordic kingdom

    Never going to stop because they’re not prepared to take a look at themselves

  7. E Witak

    They need a better outlet for this community…. I can see multiple failed opportunities to better this community. The one young man had a step up, graduating high school… I wouldn’t call any one of them stupid… just very lost and very failed.

  8. Lynn Ong

    which side in chicago is the bad side

  9. Darren Green

    When blacks people stop blaming everyone except themselves for the dysfunction. How about first, stop bringing all these iligetimate children into your hell. Start valuing morals. Principles and a good education. Good teachers are in school to teach not to baby sit and correct your children. You can't possibly love a child and bring It into this life of pure disorder. Ban and stop cosigning all this ignorant rap thug thot entertainment that you all glorify. Other wise, this fuckery will continue.

  10. comontater

    You aren't there to do shit.

  11. CarGlo Hbk

    Man Rip Capo i get mad everytime i happen upon that vid ?

  12. Sloane Fléchau

    "Lee lee you are good?!" we all know what that mean!!

  13. Jamall Johnson

    Ecclesiastes 7 :7
    Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad: and a gift destroyeth the heart.

  14. Daniel Preble

    Shootings were not up 84% this spring, that is a wrong. Chicago is also not the murder capitol of the US, not even close. Shootings are actually down by about 30% this year. But that also means that 1500 people have been shot so far this year. So yeah, it is terrible. No need to embellish though.

  15. Daily Tofu


  16. Poker Savage

    God bless you Lee! May the Lord keep his hedge of protection over you always! I was born and raised in Chicago, was involved with gangs. When I was a father already for 5 years at the age of 22, I knew I had to get my kids away from that place, so I joined the Army. Because of my record, I was told (after a year of trying and hard work) that I could not join. My stepmother refused to believe that and spoke to the other recruiter who jumped through a few hoops for me and got the colonel to get me several wavers. My daughter is now 18 and I raised her most of her life here in Colorado springs. Love is what got my ass the hell away from that city! ANYONE can do it if they would just get determined to do it. Now, after serving 7 years in the military (one 15 mo tour to Iraq) I'm the proud owner of My Heroes Moving & Hauling based right here in Colorado springs.

  17. Benz Truck

    Chicago is proof the American government isn't run by good people. Not laying the law down in their own country.

  18. Benz Truck

    Why is it happening? Because people choose to be gangsters.

  19. Rick T


  20. La Okram

    ALL white folks fault!!!

  21. tittytwister 1888


  22. Topher Valle

    Someone pay this man!