General Electric whistleblower: 'I think I have a few smoking guns' Harry Markopolos reveals fraud


Forensic Accountant and Bernie Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos discusses his 175 page report claiming General Electric committed $38 billion in accounting fraud.

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  1. Ben Wong

    GE is still in business and rather good earning announcements in the last few quarters…..Stock is up over 30%.

  2. L N

    GE used to have brilliant engineers working for them on all sorts of amazing technical projects, and the. The accountants took over!

  3. L N

    Another bail out by tax payers coming, the reason they will give? Save the pensions!

  4. David Miscaviage

    Hes like Ronan farrow but for money instead of baginas

  5. ckom0007

    Big news! The stock market or Las Vegas…pick your poison.

  6. Peter Yianilos

    “No one paid us to do this report.” What a ridiculous, disingenuous statement. He just listed the Federal agencies who funded much of his work. The balance comes from teaming up with investors who stand to gain enormously from the outcome of his report. I don’t defend the criminality and mismanagement of GE for even a moment, but market manipulation is a real thing, and it is unquestionably the business model behind the enormously expensive task of bringing GE’s subterfuge to justice. Misinformation is the currency of the market, on every side. This guy would do well to own that.

  7. Bruce Stirling

    Hey Harry? Where'd you go, bro? GE is going up. What happened to your smoking guns? You're lucky GE didn't sue your ass off for libel — no wonder you're hiding

  8. greg h

    harry markopolos is no saint. he gave the results of his still-secret investigation exclusively to a
    hedge fund that planned to short GE stock in advance of publication. In
    exchange, the hedge fund shared its profits with Markopolos.

  9. gary h

    This guy does not f@#$ AROUND LOL

  10. DB Edwards

    Harry Markopolos has credibility. Madoff proved it. SEC did nothing after Markopolos filed allegations. Same deal now. No one believes but I do.Where there is smoke there is fire

  11. Tyler Hart

    He should take a look at the Canadian housing with LLC avoidance of 50% tax and interest only mortgage loans in Australia’s housing market

  12. 2nv Solo

    He just messed up the Business and Tourism in Boston. Why would I move a huge business out there just for this A**hole to hold a personal grudge

  13. 2nv Solo

    So he can basically short on a company (or by the hedge fund that pays him) and investigate them till ruins and prophet BIG TIME

  14. Mike Mallery

    GE has thousands of pensioners. Whatever these Monday morning quarterbacks are trying to accomplish — don’t take down the enterprise that’s paying for all of us.

  15. master cobra

    He's right, but in this world being right doesn't mean you'll win. GE will hang on like the fucking lizard leech company it is. Squirming like a fucking rattle snake LMAO. This thing will probably take 5-6 more years before it bursts.

  16. Daniel McCoy

    When is this going to get back in the news?

  17. Laurie Huntley

    Marcopolis is my hero and the FEC’s biggest threat! Shame on GE. 10 yrs he tried to STOP Madoff! He has had to do what he has to do. He’s been Taught by the FEC that they don’t listen Anyway.

  18. James Bingham

    The United States is running a giant Ponzi scheme. Wait til' Harry gets wind of that.

  19. Norman Graham

    I'm somewhat confused. GE sold Synchronity Financial, in 2015, with STOCK. So, if GE stock fails, then Synchronity Financial would still pay them with real money. right? So, the victims would be Synchronity Financial, and shareholders. $2.8 billion? Not GE.

  20. Norman Graham

    The largest frauds are prefixed with missing financial information. Examples include Freddie and Fannie, not filing financial reports for Congress, for years!

  21. FullFightAnime 92

    Guy has some of the biggest balls I’ve ever had the pleasure of observing. GE is literally hedging that these people die before they have to pay them. Screw them I’m taking out a position on it.

  22. Peter Grant

    This guy is going to wind up in jail…. GE Aviation alone should sell for $400.00 dollars a share… as the Health Care.. these are real tangable industries… Enron was an Internet Hoax… Was Ge run bad under Imelt.. YES.. and Jack Welch said he wanted to kill him…lol.. The New CEO is good… with real businesses… GE will recover and make investors $$$