best song with the lyrics to it


  1. I freaking love green day.
    my chemical romance
    twenty one pilots
    3 days grace
    fall out boy
    I love all of them, I am a weirdo. Haha❤ kill me :)

  2. ah the memories, life was good the world was alot more civil. Now all hell has broke loose and reality has lost its mind everything has hit the fan a once peaceful life where tradition stood is taken in the hands of satan and crumbled fml.

  3. "Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone."
    'well that's a weird phrase, why would someone ask forgiveness from a stone- Realization ?

  4. i was born in the 21 century, and this is kind of embarrassing, but i liked modern music. but then i heard When September Ends. i liked it so i checked green day out and they became my favorite band. now i realize that modern music is trash compared to this stuff

  5. 1 green day
    2 one republic
    3 imagine dragons
    4 Bon jovi
    5 linkin park
    6 my chemical romance
    7 ed shareen
    8 johnny cash
    9 metallica
    10 passenger and maroon 5

  6. I heard this song on the way back from a trip in my brother's car during the summer. I didn't know the song name. Eventually I forgot about it. I started humming this one day about 3 months ago(end of fall) and couldn't stop. Now I found this song and it still sounds amazing