Guns, an American Conversation


WASHINGTON – As hundreds of thousands of people streamed into the nation’s capital on Saturday, March 24, 2018, to demonstrate against gun violence, a small group met quietly a block from the National Mall for a very different experience: listening to, and trying to learn from, people who have vastly different perspectives on the role of guns in America.

They were 21 people from across the country: hunter, gun control advocate, gun violence victim, teacher, police officer, decorated military veteran, retired diplomat, concerned parent. They were men and women, teenagers and retirees, from different religions, races and ethnicities.

They were kicking off an unusual project that will soon expand to include another 130 people selected from 900 applicants who have committed to a month-long, moderated Facebook conversation, in which they will examine the role of guns in America across partisan and social lines, asking: Can we get past our differences and talk with one another where it really matters?

The project is organized by a coalition of news-focused organizations led Advance Local, along with Spaceship Media, the Newseum, Time magazine and Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

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  1. Robert Smith

    No, it is not about;opinions, emotions & empathy, those things do not even show on the radar. This is about the right to bear arms.

    "As for gun control advocates, I have no hope whatever that any facts whatever will make the slightest dent in their thinking — or lack of thinking."

    Thomas Sowell

  2. Keith Cindy Panama

    We don’t have mass shootings because we have mass security.

  3. Dalynda Bellmore

    I learned hunter safety in Gym class, it was helpful to me, I learned I didn't like guns, but respected their power. I believe guns are vital to the american way! Protect our right to bear arms and educate people on their power.

  4. Jacob Kenworthy

    Having respectful conversations with people is very important, as long as those conversations are based on the use of objective facts. Fortunately for gun owners, the objective facts are ridiculously lopsided in their favor and against gun control.

  5. InfiniteWisdom

    The GUN GRABBERS don't want to have a real conversation.

    If the CNN "debate" with Dana Loesh was a a "REAL CONVERSATION" ten there is no conversation.

  6. NFB

    Gun advocates don't deserve anyone's respect — they lack empathy, intelligence, and character. They are the narcissism, and lack of reflection of childhood manifested in a caricature of adulthood. In short, gun advocates are tribal zealots.

  7. Colonel Klink

    There is no middle

  8. Sam La

    This is totally retarded. Tell me how will you control the black market and gangs who run guns?