Guns Down, Gloves Up: Detroit’s Car Wash Fight Club


In Detroit, a city known for one of the highest murder rates in the country, some residents have lost faith in the ability of their law enforcement to keep the streets safe from gun violence.

We traveled to Detroit to see how an underground fight club run out of a local car wash has taken matters into its own hands by allowing rivals to settle their “beefs” before the violence gets out of control.

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  1. Tom k.williams

    Come to the wash and get washed

  2. Thhomy

    Why buy some expensive car when you’re living in some busted ass house 😂?

  3. Daniel Martinez

    Please get a floor mat and maybe some head gear for the fighters safety

  4. Bleedin Orange & Blue

    car wash massages strippers edibles barber shop and hold court with gloves not gats they just missin $2 hamburgers dollar hot dogs with 50cent pop and thats the spot

  5. Bleedin Orange & Blue

    i played football in the 90s in florida and this is how we settled up when u had beef within the team we got gloves went in locker room and threw down just like these dudes we hugged it out and squashed it when we were done it works on so many levels like bro said u can get ko and get up vs gettin shot and someone dies they do something similar in VA called streetbeefs and that too helped save lives

  6. Bleedin Orange & Blue

    Every city need one of these the youth these days dont know how to settle up using gloves the cops here didnt have to be rude AF to them either this is straight up solutions right here and the one thing u saw every time they threw hands they dapped it up hugged it out kept it movin props to them for savin some lives

  7. Mike Ellis Jr

    I felt the love at the end of the last fight

  8. Brandon Francey

    You got a problem w another man knuckle up and throw hands 1on1. 10min later its cool
    The big problem is 2020, everyone be recording everything

  9. Acatl33

    My guy had a face mask in Jan 🧐 he knew wassup

  10. Kev Maxfly

    Way to go cops, bust up the place that is putting some positivity into the community. "The smell of burnt rubber" is your concern??? If the cops wanted to do community oriented policing and actually make a positive change in the city they work for, maybe they could ask to attend an event? Maybe do an event for charity where cops box as well? Maybe help cordon off the block during events to make it a safe space and allow them a safe space to have these events? Stop treating people like crap and you may be treated a little better by the communities you serve. Key word "serve". Police officers forget what the purpose of their job really is.

  11. Thatguy808

    Cops don't want you gathering, when you gather you become stronger. They want you separated to remain weak. They want you to kill each other off, it's how the system was built.

  12. Jordan White

    Much love and respect from bama my bro.. 🙏🙏💯🔥. #256

  13. Omar Lopez

    They would rather us kill eachother than do something productive like this! cops are clowns man fr

  14. Omar Lopez

    I want to fight that big light skin dude we are about the same size

  15. Josue M

    Bet them cops wont come to the wash? I hate it when people abuse authority, its literally the major factor why people are complete jerks like this guy with the 5 minutes.

  16. Real Talk

    Real men fight with their fists! 😁

  17. L B


  18. C A

    “Murder capital” *laughs in Baltimore*. Respect to what they doin tho

  19. xjbeater 86

    Makes me want to drive up from Ky get a fade a massage throw down lay some rubber and stack up on some that funk nugz 😂😅🤣

  20. Shane Richardson

    That's the way to represent baby

  21. Sidmundo Acevedo

    Respect for what their doing for this generation ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  22. Big Booty

    13:10 no quema cuhhhhh

  23. what ever

    shut the fuckup

  24. Pop Bebo

    Vice the best 🔥

  25. TylerDurden99


  26. J T