Guns For God: The Church of the AR-15


In February 2018, a small church in Pennsylvania gained international attention when they held a blessing ceremony with AR-15’s just two weeks after the Parkland School shooting triggered mass gun reform debates across the US. But where did this small fringe sect of Christianity come from and why are they now taking up arms for God? In this episode of Believers, host Charlet Duboc meets Pastor Sean Moon and the believers of the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, a church that has origins in Korea, is based in the US, and has been accused of being a cult to understand why they believe they need guns to build God’s Kingdom on Earth.

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  1. Donavon Ho

    Well, I'm against tomfoolery, but they seem well-meaning enough. It's not like other cults where the leader is sleeping with his followers. In the end, society gets a community of arms-trained personnel that believe in some code of ethics that will — based on what they've said — fight against "evil"? As long as evil includes terrorists and whatnot, knock yourselves out. Go for it.

  2. CeeEmm_Chigga

    This whole video reminds me of far cry 5 smh

  3. Omar Muhammad

    The Purge is coming!!!

  4. Nicholas Kroop

    I don't believe in god or anything but this is the sort of religion i could follow if i did

  5. أنس الغامدي


  6. The Darkness

    This chick is kinda hot.

  7. Theo Lopez

    crazy crazy crazy… lol

  8. Agus Vera Blanco

    americans are just nuts

  9. Rai Salengko

    America is to free i think… ?

  10. Speranta Gaina

    That makes no sense, they say "love God, love your neighbour" yet they go around with guns and bless them and practically idolize them and would get to the point of using them. To kill. Their neighbours. Which they "love".
    How is that loving each other? And then they claim to be children of God and fulfilling God's wish. I just don't get it

  11. Pratama Putra Wijaya

    HOLY GUN!!

    The implementation.

  12. Matthew Vu


  13. Chubbslsls

    They forget “turn the other cheek” and “those who live by the sword die by the sword” parts of the Bible. And these idiots talk about cognitive dissonance like they are above it. The main problem I find with the Bible is literally anything can be interpreted from it. I also don’t like their being much consistency, like the Old Testament god smiting everyone and their mother compared to the New Testament one, who’s all about peace and love.
    In conclusion, these people are paranoid, misinformed, and probably haven’t even read their holy book front to back without someone telling them how they are suppose to interpret it.

  14. Tintin Supz

    I ? thisl reporter.. She looks similar like my ex but much preetier.. That part I loved about!

  15. Russell

    These guys seem pretty fucking dope

  16. Edward Murray

    Everyone is so open minded until someone does something they fear or don't understand. These people aren't doing anything illegal, and they aren't harming anybody. People think these people are crazy because they put their security in their own hands. I think it's crazy to put your security in the government's hands. Also, I'd love to see someone try to commit a mass shooting at this church.

  17. Naz Thamir

    For a second I believed that they were actually sane and peaceful people until he started laughing along with that islamaphobic rhetoric

  18. Dan Lord

    F#&:(ing religion…off me now please!

  19. alex jones


  20. ISSA

    How to get peace with holding a firearm?
    Isaiah 60:17
    There you have it. What kind of iron should that be where they're ruling with? God please have mercy,t they don't know what they're doing. =/

  21. Luis Humberto Medina Galván

    This is surreal

  22. Meme Garbage

    They’re probably going to start a Holy War on The Ak-47 Church

  23. bikkiikun

    So much hypocrisy…
    He says he's anti-state. But wants to rule himself (THAT is a state).
    They talk about freedom, but the young single girl, cannot wear a crown and cannot choose a partner out of her own free will.
    And he calls pretty everything, that Jesus stood for (love, compassion) to be Satanic (Jesus is the ideal socialist). And he promotes vanity, gluttony and hatred.

    And his family deals in arms… on top cometh also greed.

    And he loooves to judge people… Jesus was againt it.

    And what's with the pork? Are you by chance picking only what you like from the scriptures?

  24. WooSung Choi

    Anyone Wanna start a crusade on those guns church dudes? Jk no hard feelings

  25. Badi Yassir

    So this arent Extremist

  26. XO DEATH

    Thou shall not kill, but murder is acceptable, I think not. Isn't that sin. This is the definition of wrath and greed. I believe that you should not involve murder with god and religion. When you murder someone trying to murder you, you should have the mentality of saying God forgive me for the sin of wrath I bring down to my brothers. This kid just wants clout and it pisses me off. Personally I don't rely on religion, but it's the fact that people use it for the stupidest things. Power is all I see in this church, the sad panging hunger for power.

  27. Maui Mom

    This is all very biblical. Jesus Christ was pro-2nd Amendment. He told His followers to arm themselves with a sword, and if they could not afford one, to sell their cloak to get the money to buy one. THAT is just how serious He is about it. Of course there were no guns in those days, so a sword was the weapon of self defense, however, you can apply that same principle to weapons of self defense today….firearms. Many people believe Christians should be passive, but those who seriously study the Bible understand that God doesn't want His believers to be passive or defenseless. It is our duty to our families and to God, to be able to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government, or against attackers that wish to do harm against us or our loved ones.

  28. A

    this takes the cake on any concept of a cult existing

  29. Jux Phun

    One of his shoes came off at 29:45, disqualified.

  30. Jux Phun

    Come on my ninja!

  31. MultiTomcat67

    At 14:02 — NO_ONE says paedophilia is ok except NAMBLA
    This guy demonizes anyone who doesn't think like him — describes a tiny fringe of the Left (if it exists at all). "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor " ( Exodus 20:16, NIV). Typical cult indoctrination, the right wing does it too esp. Trumps current followers.

  32. NoSmokeVic

    Damn the sneak peek of Far Cry 10 looks interesting

  33. Jacob Herrington

    This is the solution to mass shootings

  34. Gaming AFboys

    wow americans

  35. [FuZion] RealPieDiePew Robloxian

    Anyone wanna join the church of anime and hentai?

  36. Yuuki Kuroutarou

    What … the … fuck. Out of all the nutcracker crazy cults I've seen, this one takes the whole bloody cake.


    What if they put the symbol in the nuclear bomb and say its gods gift ?


    Dont mind me i m Just a Buddhist reading the comment

  39. Fuck You

    He's a terrorist he is a undercover for North Korea

  40. Jake Jan

    Man Another Moonies. These motherfuckers will be barbequed in hell for good times.

  41. Vladimir Putin

    I gonna start an AK church in Russia, to fight back the satanic AR-15

  42. Vladimir Putin

    I love the old black lady

  43. nintiwirri

    What did Forrest Gump say?"Stupid is as Stupid does?"

  44. outlaw law

    He love all the donation. Hahaha rich and amart guy. Damn easy money bahah this old people the follower i bet donate some. Yumm yumm lets us make a cult

  45. outlaw law

    Take of the building scene in the background and replace it with Desert.replace that crown woth turban. And i bet they look like isis

  46. Jonathan Robin

    Lol this is obviously a cult. How stupid can a person be in the united states of ah me ri ca?

  47. Dre Day

    This is a cult! Our weapons of our warfare are not of this world! How can you love your neighbours buy shooting them! This Is a church of demons

  48. RR2 two

    Can i register to become a member of this church

  49. Jiaxin Sun

    Smart player