Guns found magnet fishing wartime bridge


We magnet fish this 1939 Bridge where the British home guard used to train. Some great finds follow.

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  1. WW2 Wendal

    Just to let people know more information about the Home guard soldier mentioned at the start of the video can be found in this excellent book. Well recommended.

  2. John Fitzgerald

    Great find, nice rifle what caliber was it ? I'm a Military Veteran myself, and love old weapons. John USA

  3. John Fitzgerald

    Good Lord Callum , you are always Getting your magnet stuck. lol

  4. Mary Loe

    The thing you pulled out after the gun and bolt reminds me of the foot pedal on a dental or barber chair

  5. Its GIBBER

    The gun specialists ??

  6. Flthunder

    You guys were hilarious with the running narrative. Tried magnet fishing 3 times, found cool stuff, was loving it. Went to a new area- a local boat dock, and the hottest girl in a bikini was getting off a boat that pulled in and I threw my magnet as I stared at her and forgot to hold on to the other end, and away the magnet went to the botton of the Gulf of Mexico!!!!
    There's a lesson in there I think!!!
    Diggin' Florida w/ Rob!

  7. Telum Atramenti

    One of the things you guys could do is encase your magnet in a thin layer of plastic. This makes it easier to un-stick, should it hit a heavy piece of concrete with metal rebar sticking out or just something heavier than you could lift. Neodymium magnets are exceptionally powerful but are a real bitch to separate from metal.

  8. Andrew Williams

    great vid. come to norwich!!! plenty of rivers

  9. Craeon

    About how much does this type of magnet cost?

  10. Dean Griffiths

    What magnet do you use and where did u purchase it bro ?

  11. christian yates

    appears to a popular bridge for dumping evidence. lol

  12. cryptotippy

    what pound pull magnets do you use?

  13. SUNGEAR59

    "Cold weather " its always cold in england or raining isn't it ! Come downunder if you want warm weather 25c in winter 45 to 55c in summer and white sand beaches

  14. coolnegative

    rifles and a cash box………hmmmmm.

  15. coolnegative

    looks a bit like a tiny lou.

  16. yindyamarra

    Empty cash box and some guns, me thinks someone did a job and ditched the evidence

  17. Richard Pope

    Hello, you might catch Maggie T one day?

  18. Kurrdt kobain

    My name is Amos I am 7 years old and I love watching your magnet fishing videos my dad bought me a magnet and I went magnet fishing today and pulled out some pieces of metal..

  19. Bizmarck

    catch a sunken tank lol

  20. Finlay Westerside-Downes

    When you pulled out the box at the end I thought it was a set of couloir filters for a signal light the home guard where not issued with them but they could have purchased privately where as we have built in light filters they had them in slides.Please get back to me once you have checked