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Guns Germs and Steel — Into the Tropics — So far, Jared Diamond has demonstrated how geography favoured one group of people — Europeans — endowing them with agents of conquest ahead of their rivals around the world. Guns, germs and steel allowed Europeans to colonise vast tracts of the globe — but what happened when this all-conquering package arrived in Africa, the birthplace of humanity?

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  1. Little Dread

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  2. Custodian of the Golden Stool

    You could a great deal from the framework he provides & this theory does no doubt bare a great measure of truth, but like the documentary the book is tainted with an obvious distasteful measure of eurocentrism. North Africa including Egyptian North Africans are referred to as whites. Yes a large measure of these peoples have links to the caucasoid race through recent world admixture that being of white caucasoids through slaves brought in during the expansion of Islamic empire & that of Ottoman Turks or from the days of the Roman empire, but it’s history with brown caucasoids, & to some extent blacks is far more overshadowing. It’s like referring to the people of India, Pakistan, & Ethiopia as white. You can bet it’s based on subtle racism. Even the presentation of black Africa is skewed as if it only had about one or two impressive precolonial states & he made it seem as if it was European prowess in slave capturing, no, Africans were selling their war captives as slaves.

  3. vermasean

    Charlie Munger brought me here!

  4. bctrailhand

    So~Europeans destroyed "African Civilizations". Huh? WHAT African Civilizations? They were Neolithic Stone Age hunter gatherers. No roads, architecture, technology, science or written language of their own history. The Flintstones were more civilized.

  5. Ai Fan

    The fire was effetive. So why not stick to the trick and burn them all? People have to camp and rest at night those days. I'm just talking about pure war strategies.

  6. phisher smith

    14:25 That scene of the crying baby and the dead bodies made me wonder. Why? Why are human beings so violent as a species? The Zulu didn't try to communicate or make friends the Voortrekkers. They just killed them. When Europeans expanded to new places, they usually didn't try to communicate or make friends with the natives. They just killed or enslaved them. In the past, Native American and African tribes were warring with and killing each other. Even now America, China, Russia, N. Korea, and Saudi Arabia are always at each others' throats! Terrorism is now an ever-present threat! Why can't we as a species just get along?!

  7. cool faces

    14:30 a risky move..

  8. Isaac Snider

    Mr. Lillis' AP World 


    this is fun

  9. Mike Greski

    clit faced babyyyy

  10. Brenda Frigo

    Dr. Jared Diamond is one of the greatest author of our age. I love Guns Germs and Steel because getting to know history helps us to understand our past and work on a more fair and equal future!

  11. John D. Dodson

    Geography is ONE factor. His theory is a naturalistic gloss on history.

  12. Hawk Boy

    This Diamond guy sounds like Bernie Sanders

  13. Vanditha Souk

    Really interesting! I always wonder why did European colonize successfully the American continents in late 15th and 16th cen? not the whole world at the same time? why need to wait until 19th cent? …
    The VDO Document mentions one reason, the Malaria in Tropical area has prevented the European settlement. It is interesting. But, Malaria covers nearby the Tropical area (near The Equator). This also includes many parts of Latin America. Were there no Malaria in Latin America which successfully allow the European to settle in?
    And is this also the reason that there were no significant European descendants in Africa nowsaday, while there are a lot in Latin and Aussie?

  14. Tak Tsing

    Cape of Good Hope is not the southern most tip of Africa. Cape Agulhas is.

  15. Metrallata

    give em the rock mofucker

  16. Rickie Lee


  17. CRasch Net

    Technology is always one of the prime factors of war.

  18. cartondewiart

    Before I watch it, is this another European/Western culture bashing documentary that claims that everything that is bad in the world is caused by the white man?

  19. Ziek Wheatfield

    He just finds an ancient tool on the ground.


    Who else laughed when he started crying


    Fellas, is it gay to like girls?
    If you think about it, girls like guys and that's pretty gay.???

  22. rohit sharma

    Flawed theories of Jared

  23. Stella Maris

    Geography (from Greek γεωγραφία, geographia, literally "earth description") is a field of science devoted to the study of the lands, the features, the inhabitants, and the phenomena of Earth.

    The first person to use the word "γεωγραφία" was Eratosthenes (276–194 BC).

    Geography is an all-encompassing discipline that seeks an understanding of the Earth and its human and natural complexities—not merely where objects are, but how they have changed and come to be.

    Geography is often defined in terms of the two branches of human geography and physical geography.

    Human geography deals with the study of people and their communities, cultures, economies and interactions with the environment by studying their relations with and across space and place.

    Physical geography deals with the study of processes and patterns in the natural environment like the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and geosphere.

    The four historical traditions in geographical research are: spatial analyses of both natural and human phenomena, area studies of places and regions, studies of human-land relationships, and the Earth sciences.

    Geography has been called "the world discipline" and "the bridge between the human and the physical sciences".

  24. Dattucha

    since the CROPS (wheat) had such an instrumental effect on growth and domination — how come it's not in the title? or was "crops, guns, germs and steel" too long for a title?


    Shining crazy diamond is a pillar man

  26. Siddhartha02

    Very biased and simplistic, but a cute little narrative. It's exactly what you would expect considering Jared Diamond is a typical postmodernist jewish marxist, such a stereotype =D

  27. Kohl Kraus

    This episode is some grade A comedy

  28. donavon dicks

    This is just too eurocentric…his answer to yali's question is basically what white people have been saying..which is that europeans are superior for whatever reasons he finds. Why does he only talk about what the natives and africans didn't have? Europe didn't have quite a bit and the documentary completely skips the dark ages in europe. It doesn't tell you about why it wasn't until 1492 that colombus sailed the ocean blue…Spain and a lot more parts of southern europe were taken by the black moors…They don't talk about the mali empire or meroe or kush or kemet even really…Where did europeans get the knowledge of navigating the water basins? They couldn't even build proper ships…Liverpool and the rest of europe and the new world stole everything and took it to occupied land and illegally occupied it, becoming the prosperous nations they are today…i mean come on..white people still in south africa where they do not belong as well as in the americas. Why do wars begin? In search of resources from a lack thereof at home…

  29. matthew mann

    Seems like Africans of different races had immunities to European Diseases while Amerindians, Tasmanian Aboriginals, Australian Aboriginals, and Torres Strait Islanders as well as some Alaska Natives did not

  30. Holly Knight

    Two Gs that were not mentioned: Greed and [willingness to commit] genocide. These are the true roots of inequality. Geography conferred obvious advantages and those who benefited could have done any number of things with them: Shared. Cooperated. Collaborated. Instead, these advantages were used to conquer other extraordinary civilizations and exploit the people and resources of their lands. The last G, Grief, is what I feel after watching this series, but I nevertheless have hope that we can wake up to the moral crisis and effectively address inequality.

  31. Max Steiner

    Generally, I liked the documentary. Perhaps too simplified as to "blame" geography alone but what do I know. But it has one great flaw and that's it shifts focus from the "WHY" to the "HOW". Yes, we know europeans (read: white men) committed horrendous atrocities throught history, but that shouldn't be the topic of this documentary. It diverges too much from the original question — WHY.

  32. tramps like us

    they seem so proud that they could slaughter the defenceless natives with their automatic weapon!

  33. some guy

    Sargon sent me

  34. Zac Paul

    I'm kind of disappointed that an avid bird watcher didn't discuss crows. Given they are [considerably] smarter than dolphins and great apes, and have certain social behaviors that we once considered to apply only to humans, it seems that their development and diversity could tell us a lot about this topic given their local cultures appear geographically influenced as well. I'm guessing the reason it wasn't mentioned is the realization of how smart crows are is a relatively recent thing.

  35. Yeebees

    I swear this guy diamond is repeating himself 80 times saying "guns germs and steel is because of geography" this whole freaking series

  36. Julia Olmstead

    So I'm being forced to watch this for my AP World History Class and I have to say, it seems that this guy's argument was kind of flawed. I don't know much about history and I'm in no position to call him out or anything but some of his claims just don't make much sense to me

  37. Frank Jaegar

    Ok this documentary is becoming silly and impossible. Native Africans had develop vaccines for small pox hundreds of years before Europeans? How does cattle even thrive in the tropics if the documentary pointed out that they were dying when the whites moved up into Africa from the south? This revisionist crap is wishful thinking and on the levels of black Athena.

    This documentary was good up until part 3. There is too much fantastical and improbable claims here.

  38. Frank Jaegar

    So where the hell did this pre-white African civilization in South Africa talked about in the 30:00 minute mark get cattle, and goats if they didn't get them from Europeans or Arabs?

  39. Danvil

    Diamond can't help himself from condemning Europeans for everything. He acts like Europeans were the first people to "chase" anyone from their land. As a PC academic, he can't resist trashing advanced European Civilization.
    Slavery existed in all human civilizations all over the world. Diamond tries to say it was a European invention.
    Guns and Steel are a very, very recent development in the history of man. I think this fact blows giant holes through Diamond's excuses for how things have turned out.

  40. MaybeYes Sure

    amazing series

  41. az0963818

    Powerful documentary.

  42. Jea m8

    lol @ 7:50~, that guy just wont give the stone to Diamond 😀

  43. tunedslice

    I wonder how this world would be, if the Europeans decided in the past to stay in their continent?

  44. Voice of Reason

    It would be interesting to know what made Asian powers (China, Turkey, Iran, India etc) decline.