Guns in Puerto Rico: Locked and Loaded in the Tropics


At 91 per cent, Puerto Rico has the world’s highest overall percentage of homicides by firearms. But this statistic hasn’t stopped the NRA from setting up shop, establishing their 51st chapter in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s sky-high murder rates and extremely strict gun laws have only encouraged the association to fight for their constitutional rights, and arm the island with more and more guns. In 2014 alone, gun permit applications doubled, possession of guns tripled, and licenses for shooting ranges quadrupled the previous year’s numbers.

Vice News traveled to Puerto Rico to look at the rising tide of firearms that are changing the commonwealth and the culture. We met up with street thugs, the Puerto Rican SWAT team, pro-gun advocates, a gun control politician, and a women’s gun group, to find out how the NRA’s 51st and newest testing ground is working out.

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  1. Armando Rangel

    Mexico makes Puerto Rico look like a suburb ???‍♂️

  2. Micky Sanchez

    one fact! guns are made in North America lol. Corp.

  3. Micky Sanchez

    Damn! P.R has turned like Chicago no me jodas!!!

  4. BeardedBüchsenmacher

    the new striker fired internal hammer glock eh and a mac 10 uzi. Painfully painful to watch this…. please have someone who actually knows what they are talking about cover a subject… he sounds retarded..

  5. Dimitri Smith

    Confusing a Uzi with a Mac-11

  6. IC U

    While I do believe citizens should have access to guns as protection from crime & GOVERNMENT with sensitive basic regulations, I also know that the biggest problem with high crime area is due to LACK OF EDUCATION, lack of jobs & corrupt governments . Imo lack of jobs & corrupt governments go hand in hand with LACK OF EDUCATION.

  7. Sebastián Delgado

    Shit, I live in the island and I dont see that stuff in my daily life

  8. Itz Paradise

    Anybody here except me who lives in p.r?

  9. william carter

    ethnic groups shouldn't be able 2 own guns — Make America Great Again!!

  10. joselo bekko

    Lo que sucede en esa Isla es lo que sucede aqui en Mexico,,,son un grupo de gente cobarde que sin armas son unos pinches mama vergas miedosos abusadores de gente inocente y chotas pues cuando los agarran hablan hasta por el culo,eso es ser ganster?Los ciudadanos comunes tenemos mas guevos que ellos pues andamos sin armas.

  11. Cloutweb1

    Puñeta #teamrubio.

  12. Prince Gio13

    the streets of Puerto Rico are a war zone

  13. yola baby

    It cost too much to protect yourself in PR

  14. XxWisdoM96xX

    Did he just call a mac10 an uzi? Bruh

  15. Christian Ogbuokiri

    America has destroyed the world with their sick gun culture, shame to those criminals running native Indian nations of the americas

  16. carlos ramos

    lo que tienen que hacer es permitir a toda persona mallor de 21 anos que porten armas de fuego para defensa propia! yo me protejo a mi y a mi familia mejor que cualquier agente de la ley en lo que me toma lkamar al 911 nueve o once personas pueden morir!

  17. papajohnpaul01

    Very interesting documentary, but why would footage of marijuana plants be shown whenever drugs were mentioned?? They obviously deal harder and much more dangerous drugs! We should not feed the misconception that marijuana is a dangerous drug! Just like strict gun regulation, strict drug regulation breeds crime. In PR, as in many other under-represented places in the US, they have both..The connection between strict gun control and high crime rate was made in this video, but the drug aspect was skewed against marijuana, a relatively harmless drug. WHY?!?!

  18. E P Ramos

    April 29, 1992. After that day, I was convinced the police will never be there to help you or compelled to do so. Self defense is a human right and all criminals are armed. I won't make the same mistake twice after that late spring day in 1992.

  19. White boy Can't get right

    Ms. Torres haves a fat juicy ass. Kiss all over that fine ass. I'm glad she is ok. To fine to be taken off this earth yet.

  20. Kevin Keener

    I love living in Georgia. $75 permit for 5 years.

  21. Pachenko

    Yeah hold a gun with your bare hands given to you by a sicario or hitman. Even the sicario had gloves on when holding the gun. I'm not a gánster but I ain't stupid neither. When friend handed me a questionable weapon he wanted to showed me I always refused n told him I see it from here lol

  22. theczarofguitar

    3:05 that's not an Uzi…

  23. Luis cruz

    muy cierto este video

  24. Luis cruz

    jaja se LA crello gringo pallaso

  25. skirm123

    the 2nd amendment is so important.

  26. rasta king

    guns are. a rush and addiction

  27. jay mane

    did this idiot just say more Sierra Leone? Sierra leone haven't had any gun violence since 2001 after the war, or you just picked a random African country since they are poor they suppose to be killing eachother. come on vice do some research.

  28. Mista Mista

    Puerto Rico aka La Isla De La Muerte

  29. hatednyc

    I go to Fahardo (Fajardo) to fa-hart while in fire my weapons

  30. hatednyc

    That second AK, the black one, looked like an AK 74 NoT a '47

  31. hatednyc

    What a WASTE!!! All those beautiful weapons destroyed! It looks like a fuckin Candy Store in that vault!

  32. Rosa Colon

    Aqui voy, todos los Puertorriquenos deberian saber manejar un Arma, Hombres y Mujeres en y fuera de la isla. miren lo que esta pasando en VENEZUELA y el PABLO PUEBLO no se puede defender. claro esta NO es para usarla "just because " es para defender la Familia y el Pais, claro esta todo TIENE que ser LEGAL. mi Papa siempre tenia varies armas, y era responsable con ellas. so le aconsejo DON'T LOOSE YOUR GUNS. we don't agree with any experiment. PUERTORRIQUENOS ARMADOS POR SIEMPRE. NO se dejen embabucar.

  33. Mr2ndAmendment

    When it's so hard to get a gun legally, is it any wonder they have such an illegal gun problem? The saddest part is that good people who want to be able to protect themselves and their families don't have access to the tools they need to do it. Guns in good hands creates safety -banks, politicians, and public events aren't protected without them. Let law abiding, good people get easier access to firearms and create programs to train people for free -everybody deserves to live and have safety for their families. I hope we can get some legal changes for the good people of Puerto Rico -you have a right to own firearms for lawful self defense, and your lives and safety absolutely matters. Nobody should have to pay excessive amounts of money and argue a case in order to access a Constitutional right.