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  1. Hey vsauce guy, Micheal I think? Anyways, do you have a brother or relative named John that lives in Osage beach Missouri that owns a vape shop? I swear u could be the same person. Beard and all.

  2. Come on, how can you talk about guns in space without mentioning vacuum welding and how firing a gun can propel you or spin you around like a Ferris wheel?

  3. I hope I get hit with the same bullet I shot from the moon because of it's a different bullet that would cause a lot of problems 0_o

  4. Two minutes into the video and heres the comparison of now and the beginning. Beginning : Guns in space. Two minutes later: How many water it takes to get the sun out?

  5. No Such thing as Air friction.
    You can't rub into air and cause air friction. You'll combust because of you creating pressure wave in front of you. Gas's tend to sap away HEAT/Cold when it makes contact with your molecules (They're bouncing about, They have no time to RUB up against you).