Video By Guns and Roses who broadcast it on Facebook Live.

Guns N’ Roses Pay Tribute to Chris Cornell With great ‘Black Hole Sun’ Cover

From GNR’s twitter «This one’s to you Chris, black hole sun live from Slane Castle.»

Not In This Lifetime… tour

Guns and roses cover Soundgarden’s «Black Hole Sun» during a show at the SLANE CASTLE
The band kick off the European leg of the Not In This Lifetime tour tonight, to a sold out crowd, at Slane Castle in Dublin
GNR honors Cornell with a rendition of Soundgarden classic


  1. yea this comes as a big shocker I couldn't believe it and how it all unfolded something just don't add up..these damn drugs they put people on have the worse Damn sideffects what in the hell are they truly putting in these drugs ..seems like something has changed..poor Chris man just awful.this should of never happened.

  2. When George Harrison died, Prince did an amazing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" tribute.
    When Prince died, Chris Cornell did an amazing "Nothing Compares 2 U" tribute
    Good Luck Axel!!!

  3. my teacher was there lol just told the class a few days ago he was going cos my best friend noticed he had a guns and Roses t shirt lol

  4. Chris Cornell, I will FOREVER MISS your beautiful soul, amazing talent, and angelic voice!!! I still can't believe you are gone!! I did not see that coming. Artists, and the most gifted/ talented people bring such joy to everyone else, but are the most loneliest and saddest people in the world. Only wish we could know when this happening in order to try and save a beautiful life <3 <3 <3 Sleep Peacefully Beautiful Angel and "Say Hello To Heaven" for me until I can be there too… I am so sad!!

  5. Slash takes on the solo but why does NO drummer take on Matt's fills? Why don't drummers cover songs the same way the rest of the band does?!

  6. god thanx, this band is alive. Your soul is covering the whole shit of actually music. Your recognition value, even with smear is so superior than the other bullshit today. You guys rocks. Thanx for always being there