Enjoy the song ! Lyrics: What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach…


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  2. good and bad people exist in all races and classes. this world, mainly america since we are the epicenter, is about "i want what i want and i want in now!!" caught up in the the haves and haves not. i have fallen victim to the definition of sucess being monetary as i know damn right well it ain't. we worship the false idols of hollywood, the playing field and the like. these golden calves are the wretched ruin icons that have been a catalyst for the destruction of this country.

  3. I remember this song from my teens, Use Your Illusion 1-2 are their best albums, by far! We need to get this song out there, plz share it on social media.

  4. When your not fore Sale,,, Not trying to get rich,,, just trying to do the right thing,,, take on the filthy rich,,, look out for the rest of us who are starving and Return what was STOLEN,,, You Have To Fight.

  5. i dont know why alot of people dont give this any credit in my opinion this song is the best gnr ever did. Fuck the songs off of appetite of destruction just heard those songs more than a life time should