Guns N’ Roses — Civil War
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Alto a la Guerra!!!


  1. Если проснёмся, то убережём от войны друг-друга. Нам не чего делить

  2. in our heads we are all right yet we are all wrong. we are all here to learn a lesson. it doesnt matter who you are me you the queen the pope we are all born to die whatever you believe in. noone will ever cure the innability to stop death. so bitch moan slag everyone off. black white brown it doesnt matter death will have us all in the end. enjoy life no matter what tribulations it sends your way

  3. If you plan to fire that RPGs our rules of engagement allow us the take you down mother fucker. We had an Apache hovering a mile away.

  4. War is a fascinating subject. It goes hand in glove with nature and humanity. Peace is fleeting. Weapons evolve and act as a deterrent. Terrorism is a loophole to tackle a superior force. Psychology brainwashes to create sides. It is all relative. Earth would love to rid the planet of people so balance can be reestablished. We are a disease.

  5. we never down to western cause you are the truth terorism, moslem not terorism, america israel french at all always attack moslem country, but you feels like the pain, what a propaganda anymore to ours??

  6. This song came out in 1991. Why is George W Bush shown in this video? He wasn't president until 2001. This song definitely was not about George Bush or the war in Iraq/Afghanistan. Why is the USA projected as "evil" when all they were doing is trying to fight against TERRORISM, OPPRESSION and/or COMMUNIST DICTATORS in wars of the last 50 years??? These song writers need to go back and study history. The last civil war in USA was in 1865 and most of the "civil war" that exists in the World is between radical muslims in the Middle East and Africa who can't seem to get along with their neighbors!! I not a fan of war, and war is terrible, but look at what terrorist groups like ISIS are doing and ask yourself where the TRUE EVIL exists…