#GnFnR 2017 … The Machine Is Back At It


  1. please come to sweden. i would die to see you. im 12 . ive bin playing all your songs self taught since i was 5. i even mastered the solos. i started teaching my self how to sweep pick and now im pretty good at it and i can the solo for eruption and its all thanks for slash and guns n roses in generale you guys gave me the insperation so i would seriously love to be at a concert but your never in sweden. and i would even be okay with watching you live even if it means that i wont meet you in person but watching you live is enough. yeah and btw i play yngwie malmsteen arpegios from hell im just saying the truth because you seriously changed my course of life

  2. Izzy is an asshole. Look: AC/DC cant play in original squad, cose brian johnson doesn't hear. Queen, Nirvana can't play together cose their leed singers died. We'll not see some of gratest bands anymore because of reasons which are not dependent on themselves. And we'll not see original GN'R because izzy will be always angry with rest of the band! What the fuck is wrong with you, dude? You're a fucking adult men, but you don't seems that you are! You just behave like a kid! Just join the band again, millions of people wait for the moment, when you'll stop crying and we'll finaly be able see the best fucking band in the world!

  3. Even if guns decide to play a uk festival, to totally snub Scotland and Wales is nothing but an insult. Not only have all of uk been huge fans since appetite dropped, they have been there for guns when ever Axl decided to play shows without any other original members. Guns N roses are soon to embark on more usa dates even though they were up and down north America last year, so far its 2017 January, and the only dates i see are for London's biggest venue. Heck maybe we should have voted to stay in Europe, as they have got their chance coming up, we just want ours. Lets just hope not in this lifetime doesn't mean exactly what it says on the tin. Pathetic rant over.