[January 21, 2017] Osaka Dome, Japan [Guns N’ Roses Live in Concert]


  1. Amazing how people complain..Axl is back, with Slash (The King of Guitars) and Duff Mckagan. This is the reuinon of a band, that was so big , and still is. I have followed GNR since i was a child.
    So , please , get rid of all these stupid nonsense and just be happy that rock n' roll did not die..but re-emerged from the gutter ;)

  2. Izzy S. knew when to quit this ….. (I dnt even know how to describe it). Tales from the Crypt, Twilight Zone, Looney Tunes, in their prime lol

  3. i was there and it was fucking awsome. I had to travel to Japan for it which was cool anyway as I love Japan, and Osaka is a cool city.

  4. The thing is , its hard to get pumped up considering these songs are 20 plus years old and XXL is wayyyyy past his prime. XXL works hard but this is just a money grab tour. Its just tired.