Guns N’ Roses performing Nightrain live at The Ritz New York 1988. Probably GN’Rs best concert.


  1. Hi guys! 😀 Hope everything is fine. I just uploaded a video playing Nightrain outro, please take a look to my channel, i know you will like it, have a great day 😀

    Hola chicos, espero todo este bien en sus vidas. Quería decirles que subi un vídeo tocando el outro de Nightrain, pasen a mi canal, se que les gustara, pasen un gran día 😀

  2. The very FIRST thing that went through my head when I slapped my peepers on this clip was thinking about how Axl and Slash look today. And then that funny little lady in The Incredibles voice ringing…"My god, you've gotten fat.".

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