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  1. THANK YOU so much Guns n' Roses for a spectacular, ass-kicking amazing show yesterday at TLV, ISRAEL! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!! It was a dream coming true I'm the happiest girl in the world right now!!!!

  2. if you would just came in slovenia
    youre fans are dying in here because your not coming
    i had the ticket for imola but then somethimg came in middle and i couldnt come
    it was the only chance to meet my heros if you please came in slovenia???? and yes im only 12 years old but please

  3. I Was at Slane, Dublin concert. Unbelievable to see them live for my first time, never thought it would happen in my lifetime but it did! Performance was epic. Blown away by how good they sounded. I was a good bit back in the middle towards the hill. Sound was perfect! Great job by the sound engineers! Axl hasn't lost it..still as good as he was in his hay day. Great to see slash and duff back. Atmosphere was electric. Definitely see them again, hopefully they do more tours and hopefully new music. It was a privilege to witness the greatest band of all time!