The first show of the Guns N Roses «Not In This Lifetime» tour at the T-mobile Arena 4.8.16 playing November Rain.

They sounded amazing guys. With Axl having a broken foot he was sitting down in Dave Grohl’s chair. And because he was sitting down he was never out of breath like other shows where he is running around. Definitely go see the show in your neck of the woods.

I don’t have the full set list but I’ll post later. But I mean they played EVERYTHING you’d ever wanna hear. They didn’t do Don’t Cry but they played «Enstranged» and they played things they never play. They played mother effin «Coma» and supposedly they have only played that 4 times before.

Axl rose. Slash. Duff. GNR. Gnfnr


  1. It's great to see them together on stage again. But let's face facts. Axl can't sing for shit anymore. Id rather watch them at the ritz in the late 80s. When they were on top of the world.

  2. Laughing my balls off at you people who come with string-suggests regarding Slash's guitar.

    I truly believe he knows better than you guys.

  3. omg I don't know what is worse axls singing or slash's playing. This is a really bad version of this song gnr good studio band terrible live

  4. el tiempo pasa y cambia corazones, ya ellos no se complemetan igual, pero fueron grandiosos tiempo atrás, siempre los recordaremos

  5. idk how one guy can rock so hard and then have songs like this and estranged don't cry.when I saw them on MTV the first time no band could touch them .I'm happy to see them together again?