1. FUCK GnR, FUCK Axl Rose and his whiny bitch ass, and FUCK anyone who has ever, ever bought any of their garbage recordings or has ever liked that noisy bullshit. Good God, I know countries that reward that kind of shitty behavior with a bullet (or machete) to the skull.

  2. I was there, a saw a poor guy get stuck in a portapotty. That thing got rocked so hard, dude got a mouthful of sludge by the time he got out ?

  3. Axle Rose is a total joke. This mentally challenged fuck is a pure waste of oxygen. A scar on the ass of "ROCK~N~ROLL"… Fuck him until hell freezes over!!!
    How can this piece of shit have any fans at all??? How is he not in prison???
    I'd love to knock his ass off myself. Yes Axel, go home and stay there you lame piss poor excuse for a human being!!!

  4. I can't stand the guy. Never could. He looks and sounds horrible now. He's all washed up now. I love that Stump got his autograph right there in the courtroom. How cool is that.

  5. I just happened to be going thru one of many attempts in recovery (NA) when GnR first came on scene and maybe it was lack of dope, alcohol, weed that blocked the potential to even like these guys. Now, I know it must've been all AXL because the rest of the band in later years seemed alright.

  6. Pretty incredible how much Axl has changed since back then. Yeah, he was a massive asshole a lot of the time, to a lot of people, but it's like he's a different person now. Props to him for growing out of that and not destroying himself.

  7. I was driving past there after getting fireworks in St Charles County just after the riot started. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many red and blue lights since.

  8. Axle is nothing more than a fucking loser…the best way to make him disappear is dont go to the show..dont buy his shit music..thats it..

  9. I seen GnR in the early 90's , what a total rip off. They came on stage way late , and thanks to a sound curfew at the venue they had to cut their set short . Axl seemed like such a total little pussy , I would have loved to knock the wind out of his tummy just for the fun of it .

  10. I knew Axl "Bill Bailey" which is his real name and went to school with him in Lafayette Indiana and he used to get the shit kicked out of him everyday. We all called him "Red on the head like a dick on a dog". Little pussy.

  11. A new 20 minute work out for women…..kick Axel Rose's ass 3 times. This chump acts tough because he has 20 guys backing him up. Reminds me of Justin Bieber.

  12. James Hetfield got 2nd and 3rd degree burns and finished a tour. Axl Rose's microphone doesnt work like he wants to and he throws it down and leaves smh. He was a child trapped in a grown mans body.

  13. I would have walked as well .Cowboy hats were on sale and closed at 9. If this was philly the band would still be there .damn wonder how much stump got