Guns N’ Roses — Welcome To The Jungle (live) Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia,Pa 7.14.16 NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOUR


  1. Sigo sin entender como un grupo que creo rolas tan épicas haya caido en la más burda mediocridad de seguir tocando lo mismo después de más de 20 años, terriblemente patético.

  2. Axl's sounding better here than in other video's I've heard him in.
    Duff and Slash are sounding great too.

    Axl is looking like he's gone from Sweet Child to Sweet Pies O' Mine.

  3. Axl still dresses like a cool motherfucker. I also love how apparent it is the rhythm guitarist is only in the band because he looks like Izzy. He's even using the same guitar for fuck sake.

  4. I know this isn't great quality and its hard to hear his voice clear, but this fucken guy still sounds good.Let me tell you something people, I am a singer myself and I speak from personal experience when I tell you that these GnR songs are very, very, very taxing on the vocal chords. Similar to the way Led Zeppelin recorded Vs playing live. im shocked he can still belt these tunes out at 50+ years old.

  5. Age is a horrible thang to go thru , it's hard to fathom that you are not hip , cool , with it or whatever the kids are calling it ……… GO AXL GO .

  6. its so easy to see how happy Axl is after slash n duff have returned to the band…in some songs he sings like in the 90's sounding very loud n that's fucking awesome…