Since I am now ready to take a break from Guns of Boom for a little bit, I figured I’d leave you guys with these thoughts and suggestions for fixing the game’s current matchmaking and league system issues. I will be back with a few more Guns of Boom videos in a few weeks or so. I’m just really burned out in this game and it’s issues. I will be making more Modern Ops and Pubg videos in its place so I hope you guys join me and don’t forget, game on bitches!

Check out Kona Panchyu’s interview on Guns of Boom Pro Ph0rmat’s podcast, The 40 oz. Session!!


  1. What's up Funky?? Know what you mean about all the BS over the game man and no their not gonna fix it! With like 50 million downloads IDK why the hell you just can't match players on the same level, WTH? I think if your matched with players that's on the same level it makes it a lot harder to be out gunned. I know, I know you got players that are p2w but, still being matched with players on the same level would be a lot better than the way it is now. Saw a game the other day where players were all 28, 29, and in the low 30's then there was a player on level 2, two, thrown in to the mix, WTH was that? Being matched with the same level would make thing's a little more competitive. Anyway see you over on MOP's buddy and thanks for the video!

  2. Funky well said i am in plantium leuge level 40 i always face fucking level 45 level 50 i have odin 1 reaper max they have barru 5 odin 2 bastion 3

  3. League System ir really shit, it fucked up my entire KD and WL but one thing that I would appreciate is the way they are gave weapons in Corps War it was unbelievably easy it was very easy to unlock and max out a weapon in just 8-9 days which was earlier very very difficult.

  4. yes man We need solution about the matchmaking , it´s not fair for all of us , they must think about pro play a playable option i agree with your words Funky excellent video

  5. They cant have proplay simply because everyone gun will be equal, so if you have destroyer maxed out, there is no need to grind for bastion or odin because in proplay all will be balanced, other thing is consumables will be of no use and thus people wont buy contracts for them…

  6. What's up Funke!! Lol, finally a game that I see ur not cry about laughing.. lmao, yeah this game suck AND swallow, not playing that much anymore like you said they took the fun out of it why?? MONEY!!!
    By the way thanks for accepting my invitation on Modern Ops, BlackCrowDown that's me. I like that game and I think they fix the lagging shit cos is running smoothly, PubG I still sucking bro.. hope to frag one of this days!!

  7. Also drag race at the end is not a proper example for those who say deal with it. Its like having a drift race. The best driver wins most of the time no matter what car he has or what the other driver has.