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Please watch this video if you want to know THE REAL WAY™ to play Guns of Icarus Online. No jokes, no bullshit. Only real hardened facts here.

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  1. This actually deterred me from ever wanting this game when I first saw this video. I can't deal with being shouted at during my first match XD

  2. Jontron makes a tutorial.
    "What is this thing?"
    "Do I shoot him?"
    "Am I do something?"
    "I thought I was doing the right thing."
    "I hope nobody finds out I have no idea how to fly this thing."
    "I missed."
    "Oh, uh… haha, thats a friendly."
    Seems legit.

  3. This is a sponsored video, so what? This is my all time favourite JonTron episode, and I come back here at least once a month. Love ya Jon.

  4. The amount of people so butthurt about the leader on that match is hilarious, you're worse than him.
    Shame on him for wanting to win in a highly competitive game where a large amount of team coordination is required!

  5. showing the main player base as a pack of salty try hards who shit themselves when you repair a gun 30 seconds late isn't the best way to sell your game

  6. Look Jon, if you don't want to listen to faggots yelling at you at this game, then just mute them or tell them off using your mic. Yet again they will know a famous guy is playing a game.

  7. MayMayMachine is the reason why we don't need casual or comp in TF2. Video games are for fun not tryharding. If you're going to have the name MayMayMachine you shouldn't be taken seriously in the first place.