1 inch thick AR550 steel vs a multitude of BIG guns!!!
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«Club Diver» by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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  1. I'm on the wrestling team at my school and the crate we keep our wrestling clothes we call lieutenant dan because he ain't got no legs and we have to roll him around all day

  2. one time the cops cough me beeing to fast and asked me to say how many guns I have in my car It was the same but the cops said first "as long as you, dont blow your self up its fine"

  3. vortex strike eagle 1-6×24 or the Trinity Force 1-4X28, think you need to find a crazy looking scope for that gun dont think you can go with a normal one lol

  4. You should get a Frostech trigger for your ar15 this is America shoot on pull and release legal new fun switch it is about 470$ no NFA not a title 2 Machine gun

  5. Teacher:if demolition ranch killed 1 guy and there's 4 how many are there

    Me:why would demolition ranch kill one of the guys he would kill all of them with a berreta 50 BMG AP round