Can you shoot a mini race quad with a pistol? Find out in the episode of Rotor Riot of guns versus drones!


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Blade FPV Inductrix RTF

GoPro Session 5

DJI Phantom 4

Expert Pilots / Hosts
Steele Davis [Mr Steele] Chad Nowak [FinalGlideAUS] Tommy Tibajia [UmmaGawd] Carlos Puertolas [Charpu]

Thank you to our professional shooters!!

Detective: Rick Flores
19 years active law enforcement trained in specialized weapons.

Police Officer: Ron Curtis
16 years active law enforcement trained in specialized weapons

Police Officer: Tom Borden
10 Years active law enforcement trained in specialized weapons

Anthony Escobar
Retired Element member Elite LAPD tactical unit.

Ivan Alvarez & Rosalind Bullard
Brothers & Arms Clothing /

The Production Team
Chad Kapper — Executive Producer
Dan Knight — Producer
Bruno Gunn — Producer
Ryan Houts — Writer
Alex Rodriguez — Shooter / Editor
Ryan Galbraith — Additional Editor

Shooting Location:

Quads Provided by:
Immersion RC — Thank you Anthony Cake!

Lumenier Batteries Provided by:
— Thank you Tim Nilson!

Robot Race — Senbei

Demolition — Max Brodie

Come Get Some — Brightside Studio

Trap Lord — JAM Studio

Party Smasher — Senbei

The Revenge — Razmataz Sound

Crazy Clown — JAM Studio

Darude — Sandstorm



  1. What an awesome video! I'm amazed the shooters got hits on them with handguns, especially at that range! I'm an avid pistol shooter but there's no way in hell I could shoot down a Vortex. Maybe a Phantom or Inspire but I definitely couldn't hit a Vortex flown by Charpu, Mr. Steele, or any of those other guys. Awesome piloting and awesome shooting, this was very entertaining.

  2. Events like this the Rotor Riot crew should give away the excess left over Drones and LiPo's via a contest to subscribers, one drone and lipo per winner per day until they're gone… it's a win win, Lumenier gets extra publicity and so does the Rotor Riot crew! ?
    Great video just the same, u guys rock!

  3. I just seen this video (Sorry I didn't see it sooner). Hell of a demo guys, sweet flying. It's great to see the Police being such a good sport, MOST people don't see our Boys-n-Blue this way. Hell of a good time that was had by all.
    See you all in the air.

  4. Sometimes my brother, my dad, and I sit down and shoot wood bees out of the sky with bb guns. It's the best way we've found to get rid of them.

  5. Awesome guys, This vid made me subscribe I have seen a few from you guys and Mr Steele Diving buildings. I have been wanting to fly my whole fly BOOM here it is.
    Also what led me too this was the Dji Mavic pro cant wait too get that and a racer drone, …..Keep it up!!

  6. My wife won't let me by a wal-mart drone and you guys are shooting these thing up?! Let this be a lesson to you …don't get married!